Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kris Allen - Thank You Camellia - Live Streaming

1) BETTER WITH YOU - I love the music arrangement.. this becomes favourite overall!

2) THE VISION OF LOVE - No words can explain this amazing song....

3) MY WEAKNESS - Love this as always. My second fav after BETTER WITH YOU!!

4) OUT ALIVE - This arrangement is so much better!! I'm so happy this song is out of my least fav list! Yay!

5) MONSTER - Whoa! Kris in his most fierce vocals as you have never heard before.

6) BLINDFOLDED -Still need to listen to this more...

7) TEACH ME HOW LOVE GOES - You can't help moving your head, enjoying the mellow music and agreeing whatever Kris (lyrics) is saying.. :)

8) ROOFTOPS - Aww... this is beyond cutenesss...

9) LEAVE YOU ALONE - Love, love, love, love this ballad.. I hope this is released as a single with music video... *sigh*

10) LOVES ME NOT - Featuring MEIKO - Another cuteness overloaddsss... i can see them plucking out the flowers...

11) YOU GOT A WAY - Sweeeetttt!

you won't regret buying this album, for sure!!


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