Wednesday, December 21, 2011

David Archuleta - Mission Announcement//O Holy Night - SLC

Saw few tweets yesterday that David's going on a mission. In the initial discovery, I respected it as it is what he chose to do next in is life as a Christian.

As i continue to read the tweets that were coming non-stop about the announcement, i came to learn that he is going away FOR TWO YEARS. Without any news/tweets/singing/vlog.

I was dumbfounded. My heart was broken. I was in my office doing my daily work when my tears silently fell as i realized that i won't be hearing him performing live, i won't be watching him singing his songs via Youtube anymore FOR TWO YEARS!!!

My head hurt so much. As much sadness i felt, YESTERDAY (20 DECEMBER 2011) happened to be DAVID COOK's 29th birthday.

How am i supposed to be happy when my heart is breaking?

I am still sad till this moment. I can't really listen to his songs without crying. I know i am being ridiculous over this, but i have to find ways to overcome my sadness. I have to accept the fact that he is doing this to follow what his heart is meant to follow. I am proud of him as this is a huge thing to happen to a recording artist, or like they said, a career suicide.

But i don't believe that he is going to have a career suicide. I believe he is going to be a better person, a better singer and have a better life without regrets.

He is going to be AMAZING.

To David a.k.a Archie: I'm gonna miss you and your wonderful singing. I promise you that i will be right here waiting till your next amazing music coz i am your fan for life.


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