Friday, December 30, 2011

David Archuleta - WAIT

*i'll WAIT for you, DAVID*

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

David Archuleta - Mission Announcement//O Holy Night - SLC

Saw few tweets yesterday that David's going on a mission. In the initial discovery, I respected it as it is what he chose to do next in is life as a Christian.

As i continue to read the tweets that were coming non-stop about the announcement, i came to learn that he is going away FOR TWO YEARS. Without any news/tweets/singing/vlog.

I was dumbfounded. My heart was broken. I was in my office doing my daily work when my tears silently fell as i realized that i won't be hearing him performing live, i won't be watching him singing his songs via Youtube anymore FOR TWO YEARS!!!

My head hurt so much. As much sadness i felt, YESTERDAY (20 DECEMBER 2011) happened to be DAVID COOK's 29th birthday.

How am i supposed to be happy when my heart is breaking?

I am still sad till this moment. I can't really listen to his songs without crying. I know i am being ridiculous over this, but i have to find ways to overcome my sadness. I have to accept the fact that he is doing this to follow what his heart is meant to follow. I am proud of him as this is a huge thing to happen to a recording artist, or like they said, a career suicide.

But i don't believe that he is going to have a career suicide. I believe he is going to be a better person, a better singer and have a better life without regrets.

He is going to be AMAZING.

To David a.k.a Archie: I'm gonna miss you and your wonderful singing. I promise you that i will be right here waiting till your next amazing music coz i am your fan for life.


Monday, December 12, 2011

David Cook - Hard Rock Cafe - 12-10-11

oh my. amazing performance, y'all. Nuff said.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

David Cook - Fade Into Me - Irving Plaza 12-09-2011

OMG i can't explain how beautiful this is, how amazing David sang his current single, "Fade Into Me" in his last show of the first leg of This Loud Tour 2011. He is expected to start the second leg February next year.

My tears sprung from my eyes, my heart sadly dropped, from the beautiful lyrics, from the beautiful singing, from the amazing David Cook.

My heart goes out to him, coz he deserves some recognition. And i know he won't stop fighting, he won't stop making beautiful, amazing music, till he gets it into the 'A' list. To me, he's already an A list artist ever since he won the American Idol 3 years back. He should've won a Grammy at least. He deserves an award, or lots of awards, bcoz of the true musician in him.

I know he's not perfect (i'm referring to 'those tumblr confessions' ~ whatever..). In fact, each one of us is not perfect. But David makes perfect lyrics, perfect music that touches lots of lonely hearts, lots of uninspired souls. And i believe he is changing to a better person. We've seen the person he was during the initial weeks of the American Idol 2008, but i have never seen that 'person' any longer. By the end of the season, he was totally a different person, a person America loves so much till this day. A musical Idol I love, till this day.

David today is a better person, i believe. A person who is living the dream he longed long ago. But i feel that with that, it comes with the decision to make his life a private one. I do respect his decision on this. I mean, he deserves to have a quiet, ordinary, happy life, ever since AI7. It's just that, since it's not every day that I (as a fan in Malaysia) see him on some roads or streets in US of A, I wish he shares some of his happiness he encountered while living his much-deserved life, physically, in front of our eyes. You know, i would love to see him falls in love one fine day, see him happily introduces his girlfriend/fiance/better-half to his fans. And his fans would love him still, no matter what happens. Among other things.

Being in-love was beautiful (i was once did). I know when David falls in love, or maybe if he's in love now, he would definitely make beautiful love songs and music. And to be able to share that beautiful feeling in his music, with us fans, is more than enough. I get that now. He shares his happiness, his life, through his songs. And I really thank David for that.

With David's music, things seem to get better. I would say his music is such a remedy for every 'sickness', every 'heartbreaks', every 'flaws'. I could never stop listening to his amazing voice and music. Ever. Just because.

Those who do not know who David is, please do listen to his voice/music, buy his albums, vote him in every poll, watch his music videos, requests his songs through every radio stations, follow every of his steps to success, every amazing shows he's giving to his loyal fans. You won't ever regret you met this amazing person named DAVID ROLAND COOK.

* I apologize if any of my comments hurts anyone's feeling or what-so-ever. I didn't mean to. This was just personal opinion in my personal blog. No emotional harm/hurt intended.

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