Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A Fan Review: Talihina Sky - The Story of KOL

I bought this DVD this afternoon, but I'm only watching this now, as I blog this. First, I'll quote the DVD summary description.

"TALIHINA SKY is the story of Kings of Leon, whose strict Pentecostal upbringing in Oklahoma and Tennessee preceded their unlikely transformation into one of the biggest rock bands in the world.

The film follows Nathan, Caleb, Jared and Matthew Followill back to Talihina, Oklahoma for their annual family reunion. This reunion serves as a catalyst to explore the band's roots and the difficulties they faced growing up. Home movies, childhood photos and revealing interviews with a wide variety of family members all illuminate how the band's creativity has been driven and informed by their unique background.

The story of Kings of Leon has been called the 'best band creation story in recent memory' and, for the first time, is being shared by the people who lived it."
I was introduced to this band by Ain, almost 3 years back, when we met for a David Cook fans meeting at Starbucks Bangsar one fine afternoon. And i am forever be grateful to her because of that.

The DVD is rated PG-13. Produced by Casey McGrath. Directed by Stephen C. Mitchell.

As PG-13 as it is (I won't tell ya which part by the way, but i tell ya it's plenty of 'em), some of the scenes were 'jaw-dropping', 'mind-boggling' and i could say, 'shocking'. Maybe because i am from a different background-religion-country. But what were shown in this documentary is fuckin' REAL. It's real fuckin' life, life of the Southeners.

The tears, the arguments, the discovery of so many things in every aspects of their lives, the religiously up-bringing, the struggle, the fighting of what's good and bad, what's considered hell/demon and heaven, and what transpire Kings of Leon as what they are now. It almost brought me to tears with some scenes of Caleb, Nathan and Jared's mom, BettyAnn Murphy, shared of her beliefs, her inner-self struggling, and her love for her 3 kings (as she calls them). Their dad, Ivan Leon Followill, i can't really explain his words. You gotta watch this video to know what's on his religious mind. But still, he loves them too.

What i love the most was how close their big family is. Since they were born, until now. It was clearly shown that family values are still displayed, in almost every family, especially the Followill's. There are also interviews with some of the important members of their family and i am very fascinated on how they communicate with each other. I don't have a big family, so watching them in the reunion was... let's just say i was fuckin' hooked.

KOL also showed who they really are, with or without girlfriends/wife or what-so-ever in this video. You know what, I feel pity for those so-called artists who are still thinking that if they show to world who their wife/girlfriends are, they are gonna lose their fan base. Just show your amazing music to the world and don't ever be afraid of who you are. If anyone is truly your fan, they are gonna accept and love you, good and bad, inside and out.

I am so proud of KOL as their fan, coz with their unique background and great musical talent, the managed to conquer the world. I should say they are the real International artist, as they managed to conquer the world first, then the US (local). I just don't understand why the US music industry just didn't get them and their music in the initial phase of their career. It was evidently showed in many concerts that the boys really appreciate the Europe fans, especially in the UK, as they 'got' them first. And that Europe fans are the ones who made them international, in my opinion. That was also could be the reason why most of their records were released first in the UK, then in US.

To those who are still in doubt of who Kings of Leon are and whether or not their music is great, please watch this documentary, and then you can comment without doubts.

Read one of the interviews of the Director here. Watch the movie preview here.

* I apologize if any of my comments hurts anyone's feeling or what-so-ever. I didn't mean to. It was just personal opinion in my personal blog. No emotional harm/hurt intended.

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