Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lyrics: Sara Bareilles - Gravity

Lyrics | Gravity lyrics

Truthfully i have never heard songs from "Little Voice". I did hear "Morningside" from a fandom, and i am hooked to Sara's voice from then on. Till now. Till "Kaleidoscope Heart".

I had tears in my eyes when i first listen to this song. It was when i visited my sister in Milwaukee last July, and i found out that Sara would be performing with Sugarland at Summerfest in Milwaukee. And i did go. With my sister. It was the best day of my trip to US. It was kinda a girls' day and me and my sister really enjoyed ourselves at Sara's concert and the Summerfest.

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"Gravity" really touched my heart as it was kinda a song about a woman grieving about her lost love. Yup, sounds familiar, right? Mine was about an unrequited love. A love that i couldn't nurture coz the other person doesn't feel the same way. It was like my heart was singing. Trying to tell that person that what her love to him did to her heart. It was a sad song. And i got connected to it right away coz it was the song of my heart, still grieving, i guess. That's right. I still am.

But i still believe in love. I'm still waiting for that love to find me. Maybe coz i'm done waiting.

Dammit, i'm not gonna cry.

O yes, i bought "Little Voice" yesterday.

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