Sunday, September 04, 2011

Back to What I Love Most

Yup, i'm back to writing.. or blogging.. or etc..

It's been a while now... i keep on saying this i don't know why.. ha.

I missed on updating few important posts such as reviewing some great music like David Cook's This Loud Morning and the events following the album release, not forgetting the amazing Eddie Vedder, which new album, Ukelele Songs, is amazing as well. I have always love his vocals. And Chris Cornell's vocals. And David Cook's vocals. These 3, i could listen to their voice over and over again, with any song they sing, without having the thought of withdrawals at all.

Oh yes, also 3 Doors Down's Time of My Life. Isn't it a cliche that their album's title is the coronation song of David Cook during Idol? Love, love, love few songs in this album. Also the unforgettable 'Here Without You', which was the reason i dig them right now.

Bought Colbie Caillat's All of You too. Haven't listened to it yet, but i will be soon. As soon i get rid of David Cook's This Loud Morning from my car's radio. Ha. Don't know when that will happen anyway. I could not NOT listen to David Cook each and every single day of my life. *i know this sounds cheesy a lil bit*. (>_<)

Did i mention anywhere that i went to Sara Bareilles' concert in Milwaukee back in July? Oh my god. I can't believe i went!! It's so awesome i got to listen to her singing live, in front of my eyes. Though she looked like a tiny Thumbelina on stage (yup, my seat was waaaayyy back of the Auditorium). The highlight was when she sang 'Gravity'. Oh my god, i never thought i missed the awesomeness of this song (which was in her 1st album, Little Voice). To tell you the truth, i had tears in my eyes, when i focused on the lyrics. I'm gonna post it later on. THE BEST LYRICS out of Sara. She did mention that the song reminded her of her 'fucking bastard' ex-boyfriend. I guess i'm getting Little Voice after this, even though i was few years late, i don't fucking care.

And the amazing David Archuleta, who came to Malaysia last July 26th. Best day of the month. Will review the concert later. 

I'm gonna start planning to post my.. umm.. postings. A lot of events in my life that i would like to share. Thanks to those who chat at my blog. Most grateful if you guys take time to comment to my postings as well.


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