Sunday, April 03, 2011

David Cook: New Single "The Last Goodbye" - out on April 19th

DAVID COOK tweeted on March 31st that his new single from his second untitled album is "THE LAST GOODBYE', which he co-wrote with Ryan Tedder, American music mogul, frontman of OneRepublic, and it will be out on April 19th, 16 days from today.

eeeeekkkkk -->  me flailed like crazy...

Few days earlier, David tweeted that he been busy doing his DCTR-related activities.

@thedavidcook: Hey all, crazy productive day. working on website content/music video treatment/photo shoot scheduling (coming up this weekend)/gearing up for live shows, single release, etc. etc. etc.... Exciting times. Exciting times, indeed. Can't wait to share it all with ya.

I was sooooo happy that i predicted that his single might be coming out in the near future, so i tweeted back to him and requested (or maybe a little bit like a plead) that i want the single to be released on my birthday, which is in next few days.

Then.... that tweet came out... BAMM! Best Month ever. I tweeted to him that i knew it that the single will be coming out in April, so i decided that April's my lucky month and that he just made my year. And April 19th is my nephew's birthday, so it's double happiness.

What I just realised, just about few minutes earlier, before I blogged this, is that my nephew, whom birthday is on April 19th, his name is ADAM.

I was stunned for a few minutes, trying to absorb the coincidence.

My eyes then teared. It was indeed an overwhelming coincidence that I cherished.

I know some might say that I'm being overemotional over this little piece of coincidence, but David and his brother's story will always have a soft spot in my heart.

Did I just write 'coincidence' 3 times? Whatever.

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