Saturday, April 30, 2011

David Cook - Concert 4 Hope - Washington DC

2 new songs!!


oh my. *cries*

oh yes i cried when i hear this for the first time.

this morning i managed to join the rest of Cookie fans and listened via streaming video by HWN to the amazingness of David Cook and his band, The Anthemic - Neal, Andy, Kyle & Monty, rocking out in Cook's Concert 4 Hope in Washington DC.

and yes. i did cry.


the lyric's beautiful.

the song's beautiful.

it was performed beautifully.

and sung by a person so beautiful inside and out.

isn't that enough to make a lady cry?


one more great song.

i can't wait for June 28th.

love you Dave.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

David Cook @ TheEllenShow via 26042011

i luv ellen. cuz she luvs david. <3

david & the anthemic's awesome, aren't they?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

David Cook - The Last Goodbye 4/21/11


david cook looked damn good. all of them, in fact.

david. *welcome back, pretty beard*

neal. *wow*

andy. *can't breathe, you're so hot*

monty. *:)*

kyle. *luv ur drums*

congrats boys. awesome performance.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

David Cook - The Last Goodbye

omg omg omg omg... fucking love it!!! can't wait for the music video!!!
oh how i love the month of April!!

David streamed the new song at his Official website and put it up at his official Youtube page.

Kris Allen Secret Show - Shut That Door & Keep That Devil Out

Kris & his band had a secret show at the Viper Room in LA last night. Well, it was actually Sirk and the Dirty Minds' show. LOL! Read from the tweets that a lot of people came to support Kris.. yeay!

Kris also sang two new songs, well one actually. One was Leave You Alone (this song is sexy!!) and the other was cheeky, kicky Shut That Door and Keep That Devil Out. Yep, the name's that long. LOL. I just called it the Door & Devil song.

More videos of Kris at the Viper Room can be found HERE

Lyrics: The Last Goodbye - David Cook

If you hear this on the radio
Then we've already said our last goodbye
I won't be there when you get home
By now there's someone else that hears you cry
I wonder if he holds you like I did
I hope that he can love you better
Cause we were everything that's right at the wrong time

I didn't want to lose you
Leave you with a broken heart
But wherever we are, we're miles apart
I know that we tried, but this is the last goodbye
Oh, I didn't want to let you go
But wherever we are, we're miles apart
I know that we tried, but this is the last goodbye

We were almost beautiful
A broken piece of art put on display
But we were never possible
Another perfect moment thrown away
I know somebody out there will love you
They'll be the forever we never were
Cause we were everything that's right at
The wrong time

I love, love, love, love the lyrics soooo much!

It is a sad, but beautiful love song. Well, some said that it was from his previous relationship, but i guess we'll have to wait what he really has to say about this song.

Damn it. Cook did it again. He makes me fall in love with his songs now, as he did with Analog Heart songs.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Cover Art of 'This Loud Morning' - David Cook's Sophomore Album

He is so damn good looking, eh? 

This Loud Morning will be released on June 28, 2011

And I'll be in the US right then. *giddy*

Sunday, April 17, 2011

David Cook on 'E News' 4-15-11

omg i can't wait for the single and the album to come out already..

Single 'The Last Goodbye' will be released on April 19th while the album which was named 'This Loud Morning' will be out on this coming June 28th.

Some confusion on the pre-ordering thing, but i know for sure i'll be ordering from whoever, wherever and whatever.. hahaha... just to get the exclusivity whatever ya know.. :P and i don't really care how many copies i ordered, coz this is THE DAVID COOK i'm talking about.. he is no doubt forever my IDOL musically and personally...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kris Allen in Gigantic

Whoa... Kris Allen was good in this...

maybe he should appear in his wife's webseries too? haha

maybe Glee too? :) he's good, he's good..

Sunday, April 03, 2011

David Cook: New Single "The Last Goodbye" - out on April 19th

DAVID COOK tweeted on March 31st that his new single from his second untitled album is "THE LAST GOODBYE', which he co-wrote with Ryan Tedder, American music mogul, frontman of OneRepublic, and it will be out on April 19th, 16 days from today.

eeeeekkkkk -->  me flailed like crazy...

Few days earlier, David tweeted that he been busy doing his DCTR-related activities.

@thedavidcook: Hey all, crazy productive day. working on website content/music video treatment/photo shoot scheduling (coming up this weekend)/gearing up for live shows, single release, etc. etc. etc.... Exciting times. Exciting times, indeed. Can't wait to share it all with ya.

I was sooooo happy that i predicted that his single might be coming out in the near future, so i tweeted back to him and requested (or maybe a little bit like a plead) that i want the single to be released on my birthday, which is in next few days.

Then.... that tweet came out... BAMM! Best Month ever. I tweeted to him that i knew it that the single will be coming out in April, so i decided that April's my lucky month and that he just made my year. And April 19th is my nephew's birthday, so it's double happiness.

What I just realised, just about few minutes earlier, before I blogged this, is that my nephew, whom birthday is on April 19th, his name is ADAM.

I was stunned for a few minutes, trying to absorb the coincidence.

My eyes then teared. It was indeed an overwhelming coincidence that I cherished.

I know some might say that I'm being overemotional over this little piece of coincidence, but David and his brother's story will always have a soft spot in my heart.

Did I just write 'coincidence' 3 times? Whatever.

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