Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sad, Sad March...

This month is the most heartbreaking time of the year, i think. All my extra effort last year were not appreciated, and the majorities were just uncaring enough on what i have been doing to assist them since last year.

Just because there were hiccups here and there, which OTHER PEOPLE caused them, due to their uncaring way of life, they tend to assume that the hiccups were made by minorities like me. The minorities who have been sacrificing their social time and also may i say LIFE, just for the sake of covering their asses.

And it still breaks my heart that they are just ignorant and selfish people. I have loved them as people, as friends, as colleagues. It is heartbreaking to let go the love i have for them, and i am now trying SO hard not to let HATE to come into my heart. Coz it just isn't me to hate people that i have grown to love.

And for them to worship their worthless, hopeless kind, were just insulting.

I certainly pray to God to let me out of this hell and give me some happiness, whatever, whenever, whoever.

TOBY    :'(

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