Friday, March 04, 2011

David Cook - Don't You (Forget About Me)

oh my god.. awesome cover by David Cook for AI10's bootsong. I was lurking at DCO/twitter last night and suddenly i saw a couple of great news... omg.. and suddenly few minutes later, walla.. there's a banner saying 'PRE-ORDER DAVID COOK'S ALBUM'..

WHAT THE...???!!!

At first, i pre-ordered one copy, but then, as greedy as i am, i ordered two instead.

Hah! This was one helluva news last night. i listened to the cover over and over again.. i admitted that i have never heard the song before, therefore initially i thought this is his first single.. LOL...

anyway, it is a good cover, i've never heard David growling so much.. you know, kinda sexy..way of growling.. you know.... oh, you know i love this guy so much...

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