Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Happy Birthday, TobyS!!

Today's my blog's 5th birthday!!! I'm so glad that it is still slive n kicking. Ha. Not many kicks, i think.

Anyway, Feb 1st is kinda a special day. Well, since last year, i supposed. Last year on this date, i won tickets from hitz.fm to Kris Allen's showcase. You see, i never been on air before, and i never won anything. So it's kinda amazing that i put aside my shyness and walla, i got 4 tickets to the show. Another amazing thing was, i was the 2nd person who won, after my Benches, Roxy, won first. So Double Celebration, indeed!!

I couldn't stop smiling the whole day, and i couldn't believe i won the tickets, till this day. I should write a story on what happen that wonderful day. I will, someday.

Anyway, Happy 5th Birthday again to my blog, TobyS.


P/S: Happy Belated New Year!! *is it too late? :)

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