Friday, December 03, 2010

It's December!

Hey! It's December already! Kinda my favourite month coz there's 3 of my favourite persons were born in this month - David Cook on 20th (he's gonna be 28th), Neal Tiemann on 22nd - he's David Cook's guitarist & he's gonna be 28th too, and last but not least, David Archie on 28th - he's gonna be 20th!! Hey, byebye teenyears, eventho some people think you're 12!! LOL!

Anyway, December's the last mth of this year. I cerainly hope more good things will happen next year. I can't wait for next year tho, coz i'll be seeing my sister again, in Milwaukee. Tho i still don't anyone to go with. I think i'll survive going there alone. But if anyone wants to go too, let me know! Hopefully i'm gonna catch one of David's shows while i'm there. Or KOL again, or Sara Bareilles, or Colbie Caillat, or the talented Shayna Zaid in New York. I want so much to go to New York.

My life, let just say i'm not satisfied with what whas going on with my work. Wish i could manage my time better so that everybody will be happy and i'll have more time for me, my mom and my friends. I miss hanging out with them. I really do hope everything will turn out well next year. Find that special someone, maybe? Insya Allah.

C ya later! Happy Davember, btw.

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