Thursday, December 09, 2010

Give and Take

I'd like to talk about give and take. Maybe explain a little bit.

I like to give. When i mean give, there'll be something that i give. Like things or gifts. I don't mind taking at all, hey why the hell not, right.

As i mentioned above, i like to give. Not just simply give. When i give something to people or mostly to my friends, i'm actually sharing happiness. I know i'll be happy if someone give me something that i want or like. A lot of people that i gave, i know they thought it was weird. Hey, you know, not blood-related or what-so-ever, not that we're close friend or something, out of the blue, why the hell are you giving things that you give, right? These people who questioned this, they obviously don't know me at all, like they claimed they did. These people are people who don't appreciate happiness or friendship or the art of giving.

When i give you something, i simply want to share happiness and appreciate the friendship that you have shown me genuinely. Not that i want you to give back, (hey i'll take it anyway if you still want to give), i just simply want to give. No hidden agenda or anything. You don't even have to be nice to me if you never did before i give you.

I. just. simply. want. to. give.


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