Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January Tidbits

Yeah, I know I haven't write for a long time now... I still love writing though.. I thought of jotting down something on Feb 1st ~ which is my blog's 4th birthday ~ but i feel i have to, like, right now... 

Colbie Caillat's iTunes Session EP
I just found out that Colbie released an iTunes Session EP today! I love her vocals, therefore any songs she sings, i will definitely love. especially 'I Never Told You'. Great lyrics, immaculate vocals, soulful melody. Enough said. I know i owed her a review of her fantastic new album 'Breakthrough', but for now, please download this from iTunes!

Kris Allen's Live in Manila/Singapore
DAMN! I know i'm supposed to go to this - i mean, whut??!!! Kris Allen in Singapore???!!! Shitty shit!!! It's just a matter of clicking that AirAsia's website and book a flight on Feb 10th, and then get back to Malaysia on the very next morning and heading straight to the office. But i just can't. There's a lot going on here in my life that i couldn't.. (shit, till this moment, i feel like clicking it anyway)... Damn, i feel like I'm not being fair to the Pocket Idol. I mean, what???!! He's just a click away, he's in Singapore, for God's sake!! Isyyyyyyhhhhh....

Kris' Asian Tour
Feb. 5 ~ Cebu City at SM Cebu North Annex Parking, Philippines

Feb. 6 ~ Manila at McKinley Hill Fort Bonifacio, Philippines
Feb. 10 ~ Zirca Mega Club, Clarke Quay, Singapore

Anyway, here's Kris singing Star Spangled Banner at NFC Championship last Sunday..

Kris is also heading to Haiti to just helping out in the next couple days (I think he's there already). Then he'll be joining Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta for Ryan Seacrest's Rock My Town Concert on Feb 12th in NYC. KRADISON RULES!!!! 

I'd like to quote a comment from MJSBIGBLOG posting:~
There is enough room for all of these people (Adam, Kris, Danny, Allison, other AI8 kids) to find an audience and have success. None of their styles is right or wrong, and none of them have to fail for the others to succeed. So very true!!

Adam Lambert ~ 'Whataya Want From Me' Music Video

Speaking of Adam, his video clip of new single 'Whataya Want From Me' is now can be downloaded at iTunes!! Superb video, i totally love it!! It has clips of Adam showing his variety of emotions.. download the video here. Below is one of the screen capture of the clip:-

He's gorgeous, ain't he?

David Cook's Billie Jean ~ 2010 US Championship Ice Dance

Flawless performance by Meryl Davis & Charlie White. 

Midwest Kings at Flytrap Music Hall, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Who is Midwest Kings? According to Wikipedia ~ Midwest Kings (aka MWK) is a touring band based in Tulsa, Oklahoma most notable for helping launch the career of David Cook, winner of the seventh season of American Idol. The band offered Cook his first real opportunity to tour with an established band.

2 permanent members of MWK ~ Andy Skib & Neal 'the Dr' Tiemann have been accompanying David Cook for his Declaration Tour 2009. 2 other members from David's touring band (The Anthemic) ~ Kyle Peek & Joey Clement are joining MWK for upcoming shows.

Buy the ticket ~ here or here.

Not much about me i guess. I have no social life, for now. I seek my happiness from the internet. Hah! Just kidding. For real, i'm taking care of my parents as all my other siblings weren't able to do so. Not that they don't want to, but i guess, now it's my time to take care of my mom & dad. 

Next month I'll be moving to another unit in my department to further develop my career. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my 'che che', Alice, for all the guidance given. Thanks so much! I owe you lots. Bye bye Mobile Banking, Hello Operation! :P

Till then, take care. 


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