Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kris Allen: 'Self-Titled' Album

Toby: I'm kinda excited for this album (yes, i've pre-ordered it via Amazon) as i have read lots lots lots of great reviews by the entertainment journalists, which one of them can be seen here, here, here & here. It was a great album listening session interview by Lyndsey Parker from Reality Rock. At Wikipedia, it describes Allen's genre as Pop Rock, Power Pop and Soft Rock. Allen also has writing credits for 9 out of 13 songs in this album.

Here's the track list of self-titled Kris Allen's first major-label debut album. 

Track Listing:

01. Live Like We're Dying
( Steve Kipner, Andrew Frampton, Danny O’Donoghue, Mark Sheehan)
Toby: I've downloaded it via iTunes and Oh My God... i love it!! For those who doesn't know, LLWD was originally recorded by Irish band The Script as a bonus track for the Japanese release of their self-titled debut album. So obviously, it became a little controversial among the reviewers on why Allen released this as the 1st Single and it was heard first time on radio at New York's Z100 on Sep 21st.

02. Before We Come Undone 
(Kris Allen, Lindy Robbins, Greg Kurstin) 

Toby: Don't really like the starting, but when chorus comes, my god, it's brilliant... 

03. Can't Stay Away 
(Allen, Robbins, Mike Elizondo) 

Toby: Yup, there's Maroon 5's element in this. But i don't care. Kris sings this song brilliantly.

04. The Truth 

Toby: I tried not to compare, but it's hard. David Cook has a song with this title too but both songs are different in so many ways. Kris' song's melody is very familiar an can be compared with other musicians. 

05. Written All Over My Face
(Kipner, Frampton, O'Donoghue, Sheehan) 

Toby: Written by The Script, like it. Now i understand why this album is a pop rock album. More pop i think. Wait till you listen to From The Ashes, a bonus track for iTunes pre-order album. That song is one brilliant pop rock! Gosh, i can't even wait to review it.. haha..

06. Bring It Back 
(Allen, Francis White) 

Toby: I love this song. Lyric's awesome. I can't really describe it. Sometimes, great songs are just indescribable. 

07. Red Guitar 

Toby: Kris wrote this song to portray his feelings to his wife, Katy. Kris Allen: "I bought my wife a $50 red guitar for her birthday, and she never played it," Allen says. "We ended up hanging it on the wall because it was a good decoration. One day, I grabbed it off the wall, tuned it up and started writing a song. It ended up being a metaphor for the way I feel about her." Aww..

08. Is It Over
(Allen, Elizondo, Cale Mills) 

Toby: This is soooo KRIS. Enough said. Like it!

09. Let It Rain 
(Allen, Tobias Karlsson)

Toby: Kris performed 'Let It Rain' at the Live in the Vineyard concert on Nov 8th. Kris reportedly received a standing ovation from the audience for this performance. 'Let It Rain' is gonna be one hit song. When i heard this, i know it's gonna be one helluva hit song of the year!! Kris is an amazing singer/musician/entertainer! I knew it when he won the Americal Idol Season 8 2009.

10. Alright With Me
(Allen, Joe King)

Toby:Whoa... this... is a little bit country. Or maybe a lot. It's catchy though. The least favourite from the album. Wish 'From the Ashes' is in the album, instead of this.

11. Lifetime

(Allen, Elizondo, Jon Foreman)

Toby: This song is alright. Like it too.

12. I Need to Know 

(Allen, Robbins, Gad) 

Toby: My God! Brilliant lyrics and melody... i can't even breathe... god!! Made me wanna cry as the song ending brilliantly. I even rewind-ed it to listen to it again. I decided that this is Kris with full of emotions. This, gonna be one of his great solo performances with piano.

13. Heartless (Bonus Track) 
(Malik Yusef El Shabbaz Jones, Scott Mescudi, Kanye West, Ernest Wilson, Jeffrey Bhasker, Benjamin McIldowie)

Toby: Nice arranging.

14. From the Ashes
(Allen, Robbins, Gad)

Toby: My favourite! Too bad it didn't make the cut for the album. The starting reminds me of Kings of Leon.

15. Send Me All Your Angels
(Allen, Chris Daughtry)

Toby: Can't wait to listen to this, by Kris and Chris, haha.. Bonus track,  Walmart version.

Album is in Stores on November 17th. Overall, i love it. Can't wait for Adam's and Allison's CD to review!!  Oh yeah, i ship Kradison!!


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