Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trip to Milwaukee - Day 3

Monday - Kids went to school. Adam went early to his middle school with his bus. Ahnaf & Amin, accompanied by Papa, went by another bus to their elementary school. Asked Amin to snap few pictures of Wan (Papa). Papa was all excited to wear his sport shoes, as he claimed Lin Dan, Chong Wei and few other international badminton players wear the same shoe brand.

Went to accompany my sister to her Uni's Library. Abe'A, Mama, Papa and Sofea sent us there. The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is in Downtown of Milwaukee, and we got to see a glimpse of Lake Michigan. On their way back, Mama told me that Abe' A brought them to TJ Maxx, another cheap clothing store near Greendale, Milwaukee. Mom said lots of kids clothing, and i'm excited to visit them later on. There's actually lots of other cheap clothing store. Nana promised they will bring us there and seeing around Milwaukee town on Thursday, after her classes.

I'm all excited as i got to see new things and places inside the Library. Well, my sister did her readings on her coming classes and i just used sit there using her laptop to check updates on my Twitter, Facebook, Livejournals (yes i do have two accounts, one of it is obviously 'tobymiaw' but no i'm not going to reveal my other LJ account, haha - i did write fanfic with this account though - odd pairing!! Ha!), Blog, YahooMail, GossipCandy and etc etc.

Anyway, it was damn cold inside the library despite the great sunshine. We changes places, twice, because of that. Saw a couple of Nana's friends - Kak Maz and Kak Azrina. They were all very friendly and even invited me to their classes and house for buka puasa.

We went to UWM's Souvenir shop and i saw lots of thing that i wanna buy, but we were already late to catch our bus back to Greenfield. My sist used her Uni's ID to pay for the bus fare, and i had to pay $2. So damn sleepy in there.

Anyway, Nana's friend's husband were here to collect their things which we brought from Malaysia. Hmmm... wished they knew how much we have 'suffered' in bringing those things here. Whatever lah!! Things happened when they need to happen. We learnt our lesson.

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