Monday, September 14, 2009

Trip to Milwaukee - Day 2

This is a confession of a shoppaholic.

Went shopping at Walmart in Milwaukee. Gosh!! Lots of cheap things - clothes, home decor, shoes... definitely crazy to spend here!!! Feel like buying all things.. arghhh... i seriously need to attend rehab for shoppaholics!!! Haha...

Anyway, bought some clothes for me and some friends... i told Nana, that i will only give them to those who wished me before i went to US. Haha... wicked me. Bought some JoBros things for Marsya, my niece - Rolling Stones limited edition magz with JoBros as the cover, and a JoBros cover bag. She's gonna be thrilled! Haha.. Mama bought a nice cardigan and a jeans. Papa stayed at home with the kids. Still not in the mood to jalan2, he said.

Few of Nana's friends came to buka puasa with us. Nana made most delicious Chocolate Brownies with chocolate fudge toppings ever, using the instant ingredients. Gosh... i ate like, half of them... sooooooo yummy.... i definitely going to make those when i get back and make it my routine dish. Haha...
Mom made Bubur Lambuk and it was quite 'laku'!!

More shopping complex to explore in next few days!! Yeehhaarr...


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