Sunday, September 13, 2009

Trip to Milwaukee - Day 1

Yeay!!! I'm finally here in Milwaukee... lepas dah berbulan planning / spending / booking / arguing / etc etc... at last, i'm reunited with my sister and her family. Welcome to land of Danny Gokey!! Haha.. Kak Lyn, my sist-in-law, my MAS-steward bro, Alai, sent us to the KLIA, as my big bro was able to make it. Papa had a scary moment as his fingers got cramped all of a sudden. He got better when we reached KLIA.

Anyway, i was actually nervous on going to the USA, especially when i heard a lot of not nice airport experience from a few different people who encountered different experiences. Scary at first, i was thinking, but then things got better when the people who's handling us were quite nice. So... thank God we and our baggages landed safely.

Papa saw one of his friends just as we checked in. So, lega sikit when we knew somebody on the same flight. and i discovered a lot of things about me, Papa and Mama too. Almaklumlah, this trip to the US is the first to us individually. Papa will easily gets panic when things were not done as he expected. Therefore, he will say something un-him and will think that he is always right. He and Mama forgot that i'm not 13 anymore. Mama, on the other hand, surprisingly backed me up whenever she thought that my opinion matters. In the end, we kinda tolerated each other's opinion. Well, mostly because i decided to accept Papa's opinion, eventhough i knew i was right.

So, back to the trip, we boarded to Stolkholm (transit) at Sept 12, 12.45pm (the actually boarding time - Sept 11, 11.59). We arrived at Stokholm slightly delayed, but not that delayed. I was frustrated that i wasn't able to touch Sweden's ground - as a formality of being inside Sweden - haha... Anyway, captured few pics at the Airport there.

In the flight, i was seated between Mama and a Chinese boy, Kevin (i heard all cabin crew called him that). Kevin, i thought was quite reserved. The cabin crew paid extra attention to him and even filled in few documentations for him. Basically, he just a passenger who didn't have to do anything except be a passenger who eat, drinks and waited for his destination. So, i made a conclusion that he must be some kind of a VIP's son or under Witness Protection Program (as if!! i watched too much tv, i guess). But then why he wasn't at the 1st class? Hmm...

Anyway, Swedish was good looking people. I thought so as i haven't seen any ugly people since i arrived in Stolkholm. Hey, did i mentione that i saw the biggest muffin i've ever seen and also the cutest Moose toys. I thought of buying them, but not enough time to change the currency ans it was sold in Kroner or Euro currency.

Oh yeah, me and my parents had the longest fasting time of our lives - more than 18hrs!!! Luckily MAS served the best food and we had our Sahur, just before we had a fasting marathon.

We arrive in Newark around 10.30am (US time). The officials there were very strict and we just followed their orders accordingly. I just wanted this process to be over as it did make me nervous. Anyway, we had to ensure all our baggages were checked in to our next connecting flight to Milwaukee - and it was the least favourite moment of the trip. In the end, i'm proud to say that we finally managed to board to Milwaukee with our own energy and sweat, no assistance offered. I was very concerned on my Dad and Mom's energy consumption as i didn't want them to get fatigue or anything of sorts. Since we booked the flight kinda late, so our seats were at the end of the cabin and it was just in front of the toilet. God!!!

Man, weren't we relieved when we saw Abe' A at Milwaukee's airport. I hugged Ahnaf, my nephew, tight, and i knew then that the scariest moment was over. I was so glad to see my sister at their home, my other nephews, Adam & Amin and my cutest niece ever, Sofea. Sofea is just, i would say, the remedy to all the nervous in the world.

I can't wait to explore Milwaukee and maybe Chicago, for now. And of course, the concert of Kings of Leon in Milwaukee, which i have booked the tickets months before. And Mom might want to go to Niagara Falls, so... wait for my next review! Will post the pix later!!

From Milwaukee with love,


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