Monday, June 01, 2009

KL Relay for Life 2009 – Passing David Cook’s Strength

No, we were not passing the baton at the Relay, but we were passing David’s incredible, unbelievable strength that he has till this day, to get through difficult times when he lost his brother, Adam Cook, to a brain cancer on May 2nd recently.

His strength was clearly and evidently portrayed in this video (wait till 2:30 when he made the heartbreaking announcement) – taken during Race of Hope, May 3rd, few hours after David heard of his brother’s passing.

And that’s why I was at this Relay, if anyone asked.

I was with Ain, Phui San, Kavi, Teri & kids, and Kath at the Relay - Amazing individuals/WordNerds (not forgetting Roxy & Awalia, who couldn’t join us) who I’d treasure my whole life, no matter how different we are, and I know it’s all because of that ‘Jembalang’ – David, that is. LOL!!

Few highlights of the Relay:-

WordNerds Mini Booth
We set up a mini booth displaying our banners – and a lot – I mean – a LOT of people stopped by as they were curious and few ‘shocked’ David’s fans were evident as well. They were glad that they got to know about Analog Heart, which we distributed for free.

The Luminaria
A luminaria is a small bag filled with sand holding a small candle. When the candle is lit, the luminaria casts a warm, golden glow. PS & Ain bought a few to support David & honor Adam Cook. See them, as above.

The Relay
We took turns to run the lapse as it was on-going for 16 hours (6pm till 10am). Nick (Teri’s son) ran the most lapses amongst us (40++). Congrats, Nick. The amazing thing was, all of us woke up as early as 6.30am and ran, together with our banners!!

The Closing
The best moment was when the DJ put on Declaration, A Daily AntheM and part of Bar-Ba-Sol while we were running. Woohooo…

Err.. Anyway, few people thought we were from cooks association. (LOL!!)


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