Thursday, June 11, 2009

In Search of the Kings

I was introduced to a band - Kings of Leon - by Ain in April this year and i am now officially a fan!

Whenever i listen to new music/bands/singers, few things i will focus on - music arrangement, lyrics - how connected they are with my life experience, how well the vocal blends with the music, sometimes how well the singers/bands are connecting with their fans, and how hardworking they are in terms of producing/singing their music/songs. Last but not least, how well they brings themselves to the public and how good looking they are, is a bonus.

I listen to all types of music, but only those who have the list above will definitely have my support entirely. Support here means - going to their shows/concerts/appearances, buying their albums/records - old or new, joining their fanclubs and their activities.

'Only by the Night' album cover (US)

So when Ain incredibly potrayed Kings of Leon as the band that she won't say never to, i hypnotisingly dragged myself to the net to find out more about these Southern Kings. I listened to their music through MP3s and YouTubes, I even bought the Rolling Stones issue when they were the cover (Feb 19th issue) and less than a week later, i bought their fourth studio album 'Only by the Night' which was released on September 19th, 2008.

Wow! I am hooked by Caleb's vocals - i agree with you, Ain - it was unique and attention-grabbing kind of vocals that you want to listen to, over and over again and amazed by it. And you will just forever love that voice, in time.

Few songs that i thought are remarkable - 'Sex on Fire', 'Revelry', 'Use Somebody' (these 3 singles are out already), and i lurvvveee '17' and 'Closer'. Next coming single will be Notion and its music video was just recently premiered on June 2nd at their official MySpace.

Visit their Official Websites for more info. It was an incredible website - complete with Fan Forum/Community, Official Merchandise Store, Tour/Appearances dates, bio, photos & videos of them and their music, and other activities for fans to involve.

No wonder they are now one of the most successful band internationally.

P/S: I might be going to their show this Fall. So wait for my review!! Yeahooo..


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