Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One Moment with David Cook

Did i talk to David Roland Cook just now?

I FREAKING DID!!!!!!!!!!! oh god!!

Cook's Malaysian fans had a video conference just now around 5.15 pm. It was setup by Sony BMG Malaysia and Sony BMG Philippines. Cook did the same for his Thais and Singaporean fans. SonyBMG = our Magic Rainbow. LOL!!

10 of us (plus flat!Phui San) plus 1 from press got to ask him a question and some of got to ask 2q. My question for him was: What is your plan for the band in the next 5 years and have you guys decided on a name for the band yet? He answered all of our questions but i hardly really listened to the answer as i was (still am) kind of amazed by this whole experience and just concentrated with his face, voice and expression.

It was surreal - talking to Cook... i'm still pinching myself right to this moment. He is just as adorable, brilliant, humble and as sexy as potrayed by those who already met him.

Yes, i'll be going to his back-to-back concert with Archie in Manila in just less than 3 days...



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