Wednesday, May 06, 2009

American Idol Season 8: Top 4

A lot of mix emotion was felt when i watched Top 4 performances. And like most of American Idol fans, particularly Kris Allen's, were pissed off. Yes.. i felt a little bit of that too.. Why? Let's recap.

This week's mentor for Rock n Roll theme is the legendary Slash, who was the lead guitarist of Gun's N Roses.

And my ranking are:

Adam Lambert: *standing O for true RocknRoll God this season* (enuff said... ). Whole Lotta Love for ya Adam...

Allison Iraheta: She's so damn good with Cry Baby!! I've been saying this a few times - she never failed to impress me with her performances. And not every 17-year-old can easily impress a lot of people. Allison did just that and this is a sign of a true potential. I tell ya, she'll win a Grammy one day. Oh, I like her hair, by the way..

Adam / Allison: OMG!! That was the best duet ever!!! Allison & Adam looked cute when they hug after the song ended. I just wish they pick a song with more lyrics... haha... It ain't a slow ride for both of you after Idol, i bet.

Kris Allen: Rock-n-roll is not his genre.. BUT.. i say but.. he did look like a light-pop rock star.. and i like his performance. Kris is just... Kris. And no 1000 Simon's comments would ever change or shake the talented singer in him. Come together now, Kris' fans!! Vote for him like there's no tomorrow!!

Kris / Danny: Seriously, what i only like in this duet was their vocal harmony. Yes, it is harmonious... but i can't really see the chemistry of what a duet should portray.. I watched Kris looked at Danny a few times as if to share the enthusiasm of singing a duet but Danny just being what i thought of enacting the song's title.. Renegade. He seems like a different person this week, i noticed. Wow to increasing numbers of Danny haters across the virtual world.

Danny Gokey: I haven't actually listen to Aerosmith's version of Dream On. But after listened to Danny's version, i know now that no raspy, hoarse voice would ever make a singer a rock star. I feel that i'm not able to judge him fairly after all this. He let this to happen, and it's a shame. Maybe i'll change my opinion later on.. who knows.. but this week, he's not it.

Updates 7.5.09:
Paula Abdul, No Doubt & Daughtry performed.

Eliminated: Allison Iraheta!!! I kind of predicted this if Kris is safe - Danny & Adam - they have huge fan base... so it's either Kris or Allison. God, i got teary as she sang Cry Baby again. But i know she's gonna be big soon.. maybe bigger than Kelly Clarkson.


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