Thursday, May 14, 2009

American Idol Season 8: Top 3

Adam Lambert: Adam did One (U2) & Cryin' (Aerosmith). I liked his performance for One, yeah, no doubt it was the best rock performance that night, but Cryin' is sumthin'... i was a fan of Aerosmith for Crazy & Cryin' - and i thought the performance was ok. Right song choice this time.

Kris Allen: I loved both Kris' performance - Apologize (OneRepublic) and Heartless (Kanye West). Apologize - it was so perfect - 99% like Ryan Tedder's version!! I listened to Kanye's version of Heartless, and no doubt, i love Kris' version more... KRIS is the one, people!!!

Danny Gokey: Told ya last week that i might not be able to judge Danny fairly. I just don't know why. Everyone i knew just confirmed that they felt the same way about him. Danny sang Dance Little Sister (Terence Trent D'Arby), yes, the voice was perfect for the song, but i thought it was a boring performance. And the 2nd song - You Are So Beautiful - i realised that i have never really listen to 'Danny' in this competition. I mean, he sang other people's song, but where's Danny's song? Now, does he really want to sing other people's song his whole life? And does he think that people would still want to listen to him if he decided to do exactly that? Urghh... enough of him... The only time that i actually listen to Danny was when he sang 'What Hurts The Most'. I am upset that Danny didn't let his true self be in this competition.

Updates @ 10.09am:
OMG... I'm so nervous right now as i waited for the results of Top 3 Week.

I hope Kris & Adam will be in the Finale, but don't forget the power of Gokey's fans voting...

OMG!!! Danny is eliminated.... weeehoooooooooo....

Kradam FTW!!!


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