Tuesday, April 14, 2009


It's that boy who shares the same first name of David Cook!! Yup.. i went to see David Archuleta's Showcase last Saturday. Don't ask how i got the tickets... :P

Had a crazy weekend the other day. Went system testing at office from 4am till 12 noon - it was crazy!!! Lucky me, Steven, my colleague, bought enough coffee to keep me awake.. Then i went straight to fetch Jaan as we planned to see David 'Articulate' Archuleta... LOL!! That was what the lady cashier (Doreen) at Kopitiam Sunway Piramid, referred Archie as...

Doreen: So you're from branch nearby? (looking at my name tag & company - which i forgot to take it off). We always got some staff of yours who helped us (on sumthing...).

Toby: Nah.. i just got here from my office..

Doreen: So what brings you here?

Toby: Oh, there's a showcase around here...

Doreen: Yeah.. It's that David, isn't it?.. David what? 'Articulate'?

Toby: (looked at Jaan, who almost chuckled like me..) Err.. It's.. Archuleta..

Doreen: (Grinned... it's seems that she was only joking..)

When me and Jaan walked away, we burst out laughing like mad!!! Doreen was so funny..

Anyway, screw Sunway Piramid's bus service - as they are really BAD!!!

Here's the pix from the showcase...

the stage

Archie's supportive fans

i just want to squeeze him..... eeeeeeeee.......

super talented david 'articulate' archuleta.. :P

Reached home at 7.30pm. Went to my brother's hse in Shah Alam for dinner and watched AF7 weekly concert with the rest of the family.

My favourite performance:-

And afterwards, Kak Lyn brought out new DVD - Bride Wars. It's a good movie..

Sunday - went to PC Fair to buy some things..

And i watched 'He's Just Not That Into You' that i mentioned last time... it is a hilariously good adult, relationship movie.. yes.. it is not an action movie.. but it's still good and i still laugh at most of the scenes.. Justin Long was good in it, Kevin.. well i can't help comparing this character with the one in Entourage... he seemed difficult getting out of 'E' character, though there are some similarities in both. I love Gigi (Ginnifer), Beth (Jennifer Aniston) & Neil (Ben Affleck). You guys should see this movie..

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