Wednesday, April 01, 2009

American Idol Season 8: Top 9

My Top 9 performances this week:-

Kris Allen - Loved Kris' performance!! Outstanding!! Ain't No Sunshine if you're gone, Kris..

Danny Gokey - Welcome back Danny!! He did mentioned 'Come Back To Me' in the lyrics - the song David Cook's gonna sing tomorrow. What Hurts The Most is that i can't be there when you goes back to your hometown (Milwaukee - my sister's there) for Top 3's homecoming.. (wishful thinking only laaa..)

Allison Iraheta
Can the judges focus on vocals, pleaseeeee... Allison sang Don't Speak - one of my most memorable song, back in the studies years..

Adam Lambert - Errr.. This is not the performance i like, Adam.. Please don't Play That Funky Music ever again... I love you anyway.. haha..

Lil Rounds
Good try Lil.. come on Lil.. you can do it.. I Surrender - Don't!!

Scott MacIntyre - Surprisingly a little bit better this week... good try Scott... Paula loves you Just the Way You Are...

Matt Giraud - What happened to you Matt!! Please give us back the groove... You Found Me not!!

Anoop Desai
Wished he can do better!! Caught Up in his own song choice, i think..

Megan Joy
You need to 'Turn Your Lights Down'... Really, Megan... I'm totally disappointed with your performance this week, no matter how bubbly and pretty you are..

Toby: Can't wait for David's Come Back To Me performance tomorrow! Gahh..

Updates 020409: Just as we all predict - Megan is not so Joyful anymore!!

CBTM video is awesome!!!!


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