Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Idol Season 8 : Top 6+1

Predicted Finalist this year

I am torn this week's Adam & Kris' performances, as both of them are outstanding!!! Then i decided it's a tie..

Kris Allen - What can i say.. he's one brilliant singer and it damn shows, Kris. You're obviously working hard for the money, indeed..

Adam Lambert - American Idol is not the best show if they can't have you, Adam... Outstanding!!

Allison Iraheta - I love this girl!!! Hot stuff!! Please vote for her, people.. and help her when it comes to song selection!!

Danny Gokey - September.. mmm not my favourite month... i've been listening to Danny's voice all this while and it somehow kind of reminded me of another singer's vocals, which i love to listen previously.. I can't remember who that singer is till a blogger mentioned it - Michael Bolton.. yes, he got a bit of Michael Bolton's sexy, screaming voice... (haha..).. if only he could get rid of the specs... pleaseee...

Matt Giraud - I agree with Randy, Matt kind of overdoing this performance this week - as if he predicted that this could be his last. Only America can make you Stayin' Alive, dude..

Anoop Desai - I hate his pink outfit, as much as i hated his previous stripey greeny outfit in previous performance. I hated it coz it's a distraction to the performance and it doesn't even groove well with his growing beard/moustache. Dim all the lights when you wear those outfit, Anoop.

Lil Rounds - I like her vocals and she is indeed Every Woman - but she's not the same Lil we loved in the preliminary rounds.. sorry Lil..

Updates 23.4.09:

Shocking Bottom 3: Lil ~ Anoop ~ Allison (WTF??)

Eliminated: Lil & Anoop (phewhhh..)

Yay for my fav Top 5!!!


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