Thursday, April 30, 2009

American Idol Season 8: Top 5

My ranking this week
Allison Iraheta: I chose Allison's as the best performance this week - as i think she's performed and sang.. er.. the best last night. She indeed has someone who watches over her or a group of fans who devotedly voted for her this week as she wasn't in the bottom 3. Too bad Simon's not the one who watches over her!!

Adam Lambert: Feeling Good.. Not!! You're in the bottom 2 and THAT was not good at all!!! The performance was great... and the entrance at the stairs... it was superb!!! He looked comfortable with the fans screaming though, like as if he knows he's in the comfort zone and no matter what he does, he will get the screaming, after the performance.. Overall, he's still the best performer... and many blogs i read, not most, didn't like the screaming part at the end of his song. Yes, it was phenomenal and perfect, but if he keeps doing the scream in all of his songs, those people (like me) who like the overall performance (not his vocals), will cringed, unintentionally.

Kris Allen: He's so damn adorable and sang so sweet. It's all in the way you look tonight, Kris. He IS the heartthrob this season. And he performed great too!! He's gonna be big someday, people... I read somewhere that he recorded an album before Idol. Gonna check that out later.. Am sad that he's in the bottom 3 this week. That should not happened.

Danny Gokey: I saw the way Jamie Foxx (mentor) helped Danny in his songs and it kind of brings out the best in Danny. I was hoping to see the new Danny when he performed but i couldn't find him. His overall performance was great too, however.. but i still can't feel it. Oh, i still love his voice.. come rain or come shine, he's still adorable in some whay and that's all that matters for his fans...

Matt Giraud: I felt that Matt has gone lost ever since he was almost eliminated. The fire just died thereafter. Even his smile was almost fake. Sorry Matt's fans.. i love him too and he's so damn talented but he's not the one who will win.. Maybe he'll be my Funny Valentine next year.. haha..

O.. M.. F.. G...!!

Matt Giraud
Kris Allen
Adam Lambert



People, from now on, please vote for who you see as this season's American Idol, don't vote just to save them from being eliminated.. if only i could vote.. :P

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