Monday, April 06, 2009

Age is just a number..

Hah!.. I'm 32 today.. and I.. am.. happy!!

Yeah.. some might say, my happiness might be related to boyfriends or getting married.. kind of tired to hear that actually.. but people, my happiness is just simply.. simple.

I have a great family who loves & accept me as i am, great bunch of colleagues & I've got great people around me too, whom i considered as close friends. Oh, I'm still in good health, alhamdulillah.. Oh, have i told you that My dad gave me the other three Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga novels - A New Moon, Eclipse & Breaking Dawn!! Yeahuuu..

One more happiness - yes - I'm not afraid to let it out from my chest anymore - that i have bought a ticket to see David Cook's Concert in Manila this May. I just wish he could follow David Archuleta to perform here in Malaysia, but i guess it will never happen. Archie's gonna be here somewhere next week.

Talking about David Cook, he performed his new single, Come Back To Me, at American Idol Season 8 Top 9 Results Week - which his performance was actually pre-taped. He also received a plaque for his debut album which achieved platinum - over a million copies were sold in three months!! Come Back To Me is officially on air to radios today.

The song's music video was exclusively previewed at AT&T website on April 1st. It was awesome, and obviously his fans eagerly waited for this, as it showed David's first on-screen kiss with Sarah Roemer, who acted as his girlfriend in the video. Here's the screencaps from the video..

Quoted: "The video begins with a capture of the American Idol champ singing the song with his band in an indoor venue. David is then seen walking backward, passing through the parking lot and the wood until reaching a cab. A scene showing him in an airport takes over. The video ends with David kissing his girlfriend played by Sarah Roemer before she gets on the plane."

Well, for me, as it has been discussed in David's Home of Word Nerd, the video has two perspectives of the way the story was told.. One, it could be Sarah is leaving David, to achieve her dreams, or Two, it could be David is actually leaving Sarah, to be with his band and be a musician..

Speaking of music, i do watch Akademi Fantasia concert but I don't watch the diaries. Few reasons why i watch it every Saturday:-
* The principal is Tiara.. enuff said.
* The Transformation
* I like all the vocals - i do think each of them has unique vocals, it's just that fans want to see how they use it brilliantly as to make their performance a memorable one. Few of them i already consider as "Star in the making". In the end, i do hope those who 'gets it' will become the star of tomorrow, domestically and internationally. I know Tiara will make that happen eventually.


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