Thursday, April 30, 2009

American Idol Season 8: Top 5

My ranking this week
Allison Iraheta: I chose Allison's as the best performance this week - as i think she's performed and sang.. er.. the best last night. She indeed has someone who watches over her or a group of fans who devotedly voted for her this week as she wasn't in the bottom 3. Too bad Simon's not the one who watches over her!!

Adam Lambert: Feeling Good.. Not!! You're in the bottom 2 and THAT was not good at all!!! The performance was great... and the entrance at the stairs... it was superb!!! He looked comfortable with the fans screaming though, like as if he knows he's in the comfort zone and no matter what he does, he will get the screaming, after the performance.. Overall, he's still the best performer... and many blogs i read, not most, didn't like the screaming part at the end of his song. Yes, it was phenomenal and perfect, but if he keeps doing the scream in all of his songs, those people (like me) who like the overall performance (not his vocals), will cringed, unintentionally.

Kris Allen: He's so damn adorable and sang so sweet. It's all in the way you look tonight, Kris. He IS the heartthrob this season. And he performed great too!! He's gonna be big someday, people... I read somewhere that he recorded an album before Idol. Gonna check that out later.. Am sad that he's in the bottom 3 this week. That should not happened.

Danny Gokey: I saw the way Jamie Foxx (mentor) helped Danny in his songs and it kind of brings out the best in Danny. I was hoping to see the new Danny when he performed but i couldn't find him. His overall performance was great too, however.. but i still can't feel it. Oh, i still love his voice.. come rain or come shine, he's still adorable in some whay and that's all that matters for his fans...

Matt Giraud: I felt that Matt has gone lost ever since he was almost eliminated. The fire just died thereafter. Even his smile was almost fake. Sorry Matt's fans.. i love him too and he's so damn talented but he's not the one who will win.. Maybe he'll be my Funny Valentine next year.. haha..

O.. M.. F.. G...!!

Matt Giraud
Kris Allen
Adam Lambert



People, from now on, please vote for who you see as this season's American Idol, don't vote just to save them from being eliminated.. if only i could vote.. :P

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Idol Season 8 : Top 6+1

Predicted Finalist this year

I am torn this week's Adam & Kris' performances, as both of them are outstanding!!! Then i decided it's a tie..

Kris Allen - What can i say.. he's one brilliant singer and it damn shows, Kris. You're obviously working hard for the money, indeed..

Adam Lambert - American Idol is not the best show if they can't have you, Adam... Outstanding!!

Allison Iraheta - I love this girl!!! Hot stuff!! Please vote for her, people.. and help her when it comes to song selection!!

Danny Gokey - September.. mmm not my favourite month... i've been listening to Danny's voice all this while and it somehow kind of reminded me of another singer's vocals, which i love to listen previously.. I can't remember who that singer is till a blogger mentioned it - Michael Bolton.. yes, he got a bit of Michael Bolton's sexy, screaming voice... (haha..).. if only he could get rid of the specs... pleaseee...

Matt Giraud - I agree with Randy, Matt kind of overdoing this performance this week - as if he predicted that this could be his last. Only America can make you Stayin' Alive, dude..

Anoop Desai - I hate his pink outfit, as much as i hated his previous stripey greeny outfit in previous performance. I hated it coz it's a distraction to the performance and it doesn't even groove well with his growing beard/moustache. Dim all the lights when you wear those outfit, Anoop.

Lil Rounds - I like her vocals and she is indeed Every Woman - but she's not the same Lil we loved in the preliminary rounds.. sorry Lil..

Updates 23.4.09:

Shocking Bottom 3: Lil ~ Anoop ~ Allison (WTF??)

Eliminated: Lil & Anoop (phewhhh..)

Yay for my fav Top 5!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

American Idol Season 8: Top 7

To tell the truth, I was disappointed this week... no outstanding performances that made me glued to the tivo.. except a few..

Kris Allen: I'm kind of Falling quite Slowly to consider his performance my favourite of the week. I even checked the original singer's rendition of this song - and he was so good in nailing it...

Allison Iraheta: I was afraid that people will compare her version with David Cook's last year. But i definitely Don't Wanna Miss A Thing... not this talented, funny girl..

Adam Lambert: He definitely was Born To Be Wild.. and incredibly entertaining as well...

Matt Giraud: Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman, Matt? You, almost made it believable... huhu..

Anoop Desai: Everything I Do, I Do It For You, Anoop. I even put you above Danny this week.

Danny Gokey: Danny, Danny, Danny... please don't end my Endless Love for you man.. (huh?)

Lil Rounds: Am i gonna make you the only Rose in this competition? Definitely not!!!

Updates 16.4.09:

Jennifer Hudson & Miley Cyrus performed during the results day.

Matt is saved!!! I was truly disappointed when i found out that he got the least votes. What??!! C'mon America... vote for Matt G..

Wow.. next week, 2 will be eliminated.. and the theme is gonna be Disco Week!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


It's that boy who shares the same first name of David Cook!! Yup.. i went to see David Archuleta's Showcase last Saturday. Don't ask how i got the tickets... :P

Had a crazy weekend the other day. Went system testing at office from 4am till 12 noon - it was crazy!!! Lucky me, Steven, my colleague, bought enough coffee to keep me awake.. Then i went straight to fetch Jaan as we planned to see David 'Articulate' Archuleta... LOL!! That was what the lady cashier (Doreen) at Kopitiam Sunway Piramid, referred Archie as...

Doreen: So you're from branch nearby? (looking at my name tag & company - which i forgot to take it off). We always got some staff of yours who helped us (on sumthing...).

Toby: Nah.. i just got here from my office..

Doreen: So what brings you here?

Toby: Oh, there's a showcase around here...

Doreen: Yeah.. It's that David, isn't it?.. David what? 'Articulate'?

Toby: (looked at Jaan, who almost chuckled like me..) Err.. It's.. Archuleta..

Doreen: (Grinned... it's seems that she was only joking..)

When me and Jaan walked away, we burst out laughing like mad!!! Doreen was so funny..

Anyway, screw Sunway Piramid's bus service - as they are really BAD!!!

Here's the pix from the showcase...

the stage

Archie's supportive fans

i just want to squeeze him..... eeeeeeeee.......

super talented david 'articulate' archuleta.. :P

Reached home at 7.30pm. Went to my brother's hse in Shah Alam for dinner and watched AF7 weekly concert with the rest of the family.

My favourite performance:-

And afterwards, Kak Lyn brought out new DVD - Bride Wars. It's a good movie..

Sunday - went to PC Fair to buy some things..

And i watched 'He's Just Not That Into You' that i mentioned last time... it is a hilariously good adult, relationship movie.. yes.. it is not an action movie.. but it's still good and i still laugh at most of the scenes.. Justin Long was good in it, Kevin.. well i can't help comparing this character with the one in Entourage... he seemed difficult getting out of 'E' character, though there are some similarities in both. I love Gigi (Ginnifer), Beth (Jennifer Aniston) & Neil (Ben Affleck). You guys should see this movie..

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

American Idol Season 8: Top 8

Adam did it again...

My top 8 (in ranking order):-

Adam Lambert: Indeed it's a mad, Mad World!! You did it again - a truly tremendous performance of this season!! And it's everything fans ever wanted in an American Idol...

Allison Iraheta: "I Can't Make You Love Me", you sang.. but Allison, we fell in love with you long ago... go on be yourself, girl.. i'll definitely buy your records..

Matt Giraud: I will not be your Part-Time Lover!! I will be your Full Time Fan if you stick to your groove and be able to show us versatility in you!!

Danny Gokey: "Stand by Me!!", you said eventhough i felt that your voice and performance is predictable. I'll stand by you if you could show me a different side of you next week.. surprise us!!!

Kris Allen: I love you still, Kris.. but somehow i thought it was a boring performance... We just don't wanna dance, we wanna rock with ya Kris!! "All She Wants to Do Is Dance"..

Anoop Desai: This is your True Colors, Anoop.. but there's something missing there, dude. Er... but green definitely is not True to you.. please do something on your appearance.. make it work for the fans!!

Lil Rounds: "What's Love Got to Do with It". You're missing the point here, Lil. It IS about love..

Scott MacIntyre: The Search Is Over.. you can stop now Scott.. say 'caw caw' to Megan, will ya?

Updates (9.4.09): WHOA!! My prediction is very the very true... The bottom three were Anoop, Lil & Scott. And It's Over - Scott is eliminated!!


Monday, April 06, 2009

Age is just a number..

Hah!.. I'm 32 today.. and I.. am.. happy!!

Yeah.. some might say, my happiness might be related to boyfriends or getting married.. kind of tired to hear that actually.. but people, my happiness is just simply.. simple.

I have a great family who loves & accept me as i am, great bunch of colleagues & I've got great people around me too, whom i considered as close friends. Oh, I'm still in good health, alhamdulillah.. Oh, have i told you that My dad gave me the other three Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga novels - A New Moon, Eclipse & Breaking Dawn!! Yeahuuu..

One more happiness - yes - I'm not afraid to let it out from my chest anymore - that i have bought a ticket to see David Cook's Concert in Manila this May. I just wish he could follow David Archuleta to perform here in Malaysia, but i guess it will never happen. Archie's gonna be here somewhere next week.

Talking about David Cook, he performed his new single, Come Back To Me, at American Idol Season 8 Top 9 Results Week - which his performance was actually pre-taped. He also received a plaque for his debut album which achieved platinum - over a million copies were sold in three months!! Come Back To Me is officially on air to radios today.

The song's music video was exclusively previewed at AT&T website on April 1st. It was awesome, and obviously his fans eagerly waited for this, as it showed David's first on-screen kiss with Sarah Roemer, who acted as his girlfriend in the video. Here's the screencaps from the video..

Quoted: "The video begins with a capture of the American Idol champ singing the song with his band in an indoor venue. David is then seen walking backward, passing through the parking lot and the wood until reaching a cab. A scene showing him in an airport takes over. The video ends with David kissing his girlfriend played by Sarah Roemer before she gets on the plane."

Well, for me, as it has been discussed in David's Home of Word Nerd, the video has two perspectives of the way the story was told.. One, it could be Sarah is leaving David, to achieve her dreams, or Two, it could be David is actually leaving Sarah, to be with his band and be a musician..

Speaking of music, i do watch Akademi Fantasia concert but I don't watch the diaries. Few reasons why i watch it every Saturday:-
* The principal is Tiara.. enuff said.
* The Transformation
* I like all the vocals - i do think each of them has unique vocals, it's just that fans want to see how they use it brilliantly as to make their performance a memorable one. Few of them i already consider as "Star in the making". In the end, i do hope those who 'gets it' will become the star of tomorrow, domestically and internationally. I know Tiara will make that happen eventually.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

American Idol Season 8: Top 9

My Top 9 performances this week:-

Kris Allen - Loved Kris' performance!! Outstanding!! Ain't No Sunshine if you're gone, Kris..

Danny Gokey - Welcome back Danny!! He did mentioned 'Come Back To Me' in the lyrics - the song David Cook's gonna sing tomorrow. What Hurts The Most is that i can't be there when you goes back to your hometown (Milwaukee - my sister's there) for Top 3's homecoming.. (wishful thinking only laaa..)

Allison Iraheta
Can the judges focus on vocals, pleaseeeee... Allison sang Don't Speak - one of my most memorable song, back in the studies years..

Adam Lambert - Errr.. This is not the performance i like, Adam.. Please don't Play That Funky Music ever again... I love you anyway.. haha..

Lil Rounds
Good try Lil.. come on Lil.. you can do it.. I Surrender - Don't!!

Scott MacIntyre - Surprisingly a little bit better this week... good try Scott... Paula loves you Just the Way You Are...

Matt Giraud - What happened to you Matt!! Please give us back the groove... You Found Me not!!

Anoop Desai
Wished he can do better!! Caught Up in his own song choice, i think..

Megan Joy
You need to 'Turn Your Lights Down'... Really, Megan... I'm totally disappointed with your performance this week, no matter how bubbly and pretty you are..

Toby: Can't wait for David's Come Back To Me performance tomorrow! Gahh..

Updates 020409: Just as we all predict - Megan is not so Joyful anymore!!

CBTM video is awesome!!!!


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