Thursday, March 05, 2009

American Idol Season 8: Group 3 Highlights

So, I saw a few performing yesterday. I happened to listen to the performances' mp3 earlier of yesterday.

It kind of hard to pick my top 3 this round as most of them were good (not great).
I liked Alex's voice previously, but seeing him trying so hard to shine vocally was totally unbearable. Why Alex, why?

I thought judges were quite harsh to Arianna. First, they said she's as cute as a button, but attacked her later on for her wrong song choice. Hmm..

Kendall was cute too, my first thought that she's Kristy Lee Cook's sister. Haha.. Kristen, Felicia & Taylor were just so-so..

Ju'not & Von were both good.. i like!!
Nate was not good enough to impress me with his image. Kind of agree with Simon..

So, 3 were voted through - Lil Rounds (i have no doubt on her), Scott (what?? Vocally he was just so-so..), Jorge (no doubt too..)

8 more contestants were chosen by judges to compete in the Wild Cards Round on Thursday. They are - Von (yeay..), Jasmine, Ricky (yeay again..), Megan, Tatiana (stop the drama, girl..), Matt G (yeay once more..), Jesse (yeay 4th time..) & Anoop (yeay 5th time..)

YIKES!! Who should we choose from all the yeays?? Judges, do make the right choice.. their destiny is in your hand now..


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