Monday, February 23, 2009

Team Building @ Avillion Admiral Cove, PD

Last Friday, i went to my office's Team Building for year 2008. The number one factor why i can't wait to go was the Hotel we stayed ~ Avillion Admiral Cove..

Superb Apartment!! Unfortunately i didn't take the apartment's pix.. aiya...

Well, 1st day was quite bored as we had to wait for check-in at 2.00pm when we arrived around b4 12 noon.. so we went lepak2 kat lobby sambil tengok sceneries around the area..


Listening to David Cook's to kill the boredom..

At the end of this, i was glad i came coz i certainly achieved my secret objective of coming here.. what that is, i can't tell ya.. syyhh.. haha...

More pictures!!

Final project..

Our Hula girls.. won the best dressed awards!!

Supposedly sun rise.. damn trees.. can't really see it..

Practice session for the Karaoke.. damn, my practiced
song was not in the list.. last2 hantam keromo lah..

Food was ok.. Therefore, I highly recommend this Hotel.. for honeymoon or family gatherings..


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