Thursday, February 26, 2009

American Idol Season 8: Group 2 Highlights

So, I've seen this group singing just now..

Adam Lambert
He has great stage presence & great vocal range, though i kind of agree with Kara, it just didn't touch my heart.. yet..

Allison Iraheta
She is, definitely will be, in Top 12!!

Jasmine Murray
Missed her performance, but from the recap, just so-so.. not outstanding at all..

Jeanine Vailes
Great legs were all the judges can say..

Jesse Langseth
I like her.. coz she's different.. but not different enough to standout though...

Kai Kalama
I like his vocals but wrong song choice had made him easily unforgettable.. except the story of his mom, of course..

Kris Allen
Almost there, man..

Matt Breitzke
Loved the song but.. it just don't fit you, Matt..

Matt Giraud
I am frustrated that Matt's talent was not shown at this stage.. damn.. i like him though.. and hope he will make it through..

Megan Corkrey
I agree with the judges.. she's pretty, different and unique.. hopefully she works out on her stage presence too.. you know, what it takes to win the audience once judges think you have everything..

Mishavonna Henson
Like Allison, I hope she goes through as well. Like her voice!!

Nick Mitchell

Nick a.k.a Norman, seriously, doesn't know how to take advantage of his vocals..

My top 3 pick this week : Allison Iraheta, Mishavonna Henson, Adam Lambert

Most likely to be chosen during the Wild Cards : Megan Joy Corkrey, Kris Allen or Jesse Langseth

Updates: Gosh! 2 of my predict made it through to TOP 12 - Allison, Adam plus Kris Allen.. I really wish Mishavonna was one who made it.. hope she can be chosen during Wild Card round..


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