Wednesday, February 18, 2009

American Idol Season 8: Group 1 Highlights

Danny's so much better without his glasses..

I have been surfing to know the outcome of Group 1 performances, as here in Malaysia, the show is shown as delayed telecast.

I found out that, most (meaning: there are some other people out there who gave bad reviews..) of the reviews are positive towards Danny Gokey. Others who shined (based on reviews) are Alexis Grace, Ricky Braddy and surprisingly Tatiana Del Toro. Few said that Anoop Desai was good too.

I managed to listen to Danny's performance, i would say that he's good, though i must say that i kind of hated this arrangement of Mariah Carey's song. But Danny made it so likable that i forgave him. Haha..

So, lets wait tonite when i see the full performance (with visuals, of course)..

Updates: 10.00pm

So, i saw them just now and i thought that Danny & Ricky are sooo gonna make it... Alexis was also good, can't wait to see her singing another song as that song she sang was not my thingy.. As much as i hated watching old Tatiana, i'm a little bit confused with this new Tatiana.. let's see how long she can keep from doing that annoying thing... haha..

Updates: 19 Feb 2009

Wow! Danny's in.. Alexis' in.. Mike Sarver's in.. Now get Anoop & Ricky to be in as well, judges!!


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