Sunday, November 16, 2008


Last Friday, i went to Movie Premiere of LOS DAN FAUN.. since all my friends were not available that time, (sumer dedicated employee lah..).. aku pun nekad pi tengok sorang2... aku tau Afdlin Shauki nyer film mesti best2... and was i right...

From LOS DAN FAUN's website:

Los (Hans Isaac) and Faun (Adlin Aman Ramlie) are two childhood friends who come to Kuala Lumpur to make a living for themselves. Together they have a gift for deduction which helps people find their misplaced belongings.

They soon become well-known and are seen on tv.

Recently bereaved Jasmin (Erra Fazira) sees an ad for their services on TV and hastily calls Los and Faun to garner their services. When her super-rich husband Tuan Soffar (Afdlin Shauki) died, his very expensive watch went missing, and she needs their help to locate it.

Toby's Review:

LOS DAN FAUN mengisahkan dua orang rakan baik carLOS & ahmad FAUN (kelakar siot the way ida nerina pronounced 'Faun'..) yang merantau dari kampung ke KL nak cari kerje. The way they found out FAUN's kelebihan was when they were working in a bra's shop. Korang kena tengok scene kat sini.. memang kelakar abih... then since then, it was all history when they finally opened a company which offer service to find lost things or person or etc etc.. The conflict started when FAUN couldn't get his touch to find the expensive watch of Jasmine's late husband, Mr Soffar al Sogood (LMAO!!!!)

Aku suker giler kat story dia dari awal sampai habih... gelak sakan beb selama 1 1/2 jan tu... yang paling aku suka, semua watak picisan ada skrip yang power, so their presence in the movie were all very relevant and i must say that all scenes were hilarious.



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