Sunday, October 26, 2008

David Cook's New Band

Introducing the members of David Cook's new band


Lead Guitar

Rhythm Guitar and Keyboard

Andy Skib is a longtime friend and formerly performed with David in the group MWK (Midwest Kings) in Tulsa. Andy has recently been in LA working on his own project "To Have Heroes". Amazingly, he does not yet have a label and we are just now beginning to hear of him. He is an amazing talent. He has an incredible voice, a wonderful wit (you can actually see him on David's latest Vlog), and is very responsive to his rapidly growing base of fans.

Bass Guitar


They are going to perform their first live show as a band on Saturday Night Life this 1st November. This is going to be a first time for David too, to perform the songs from his new album. He's written or co-written almost every song on his debut album.


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