Wednesday, October 15, 2008

DAVID COOK - Album Cover & Song Titles


The cover is officially displayed this morning... David looked gorgeous, of course..

Here's the song titles:-

01 Declaration
I declare that i'm David Cook's die-hard fan!! Haha..

02 Heroes
David Cook is one of my heroes (huh?) - Heroes in MUSIC!!

03 Light On
David did light my life on when he entered American Idol!!

04 Come Back to Me
Come back, David and rock us on...

05 Life on the Moon
Indeed i'm on my 7th heaven!!!

06 Bar-ba-sol
Lagu pasal apa ni eh? Kena bisol dekat bar? Barbeque sold? hahaha...

07 Mr. Sensitive
Can't wait to hear Mr Sensitive a.k.a Cookie's album!!

08 Lie
I am definitely not lying to the fact that i really like David's vocal and performances

09 I Did It for You
I did *this post* for you, David!

10 Avalanche
Err... nice title..

11 Permanent
I am permanently David Cook's fan..

12 A Daily AntheM
Light On is my daily anthem now... what's with the caoital M eh?

BONUS TRACK The Time Of My Life
This is indeed the time of my life being David Cook's fan!

Amende aku merepek ni da..

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