Monday, May 05, 2008

Entourage IV: Epi 43 - Welcome to the Jungle

At long last, Vince and his comrades have arrived in Colombia to shoot 'Medellin.' A documentary crew captures the action, most of which occurs behind the scenes as Walsh steadily unravels. When Walsh demands 1,000 extra soldiers, assaults the director of photography, and confesses that he doesn't have an ending for the script, rookie producer E rushes to hold things together.

In a rare moment of vulnerability, Walsh confesses, "Too many sets, too many extras, too many explosions. I'm melting down." E reassures him, going so far as to hire an Academy Award winner remove the pressure or writing the ending. But, before the writer arrives - and after E pays him 275k - Walsh rewrites the entire script, complete with the finale his masterpiece deserves. As explosions on Pablo Escobar's compound punctuate the last day of shooting, the narrator asks Walsh whether he thinks he made a good film, and the director replies, "Till I see the final cut, I have no idea. But you know what, neither does anybody else."

Yes, Entourage dah start balik... eventhough season lepas aku ada terlepas episodes, that doesn't mean i'm going to miss one this season. Check out Eric Murphy a.k.a 'E' / Kevin Connolly, my fav character/actor! What i'm excited about is that i can actually see a little bit how movies are made, one thing i thought as one of my Wish List, i supposed. Hahaha...

HBO: Entourage Season IV

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