Sunday, May 25, 2008

Stacy Juara AF6!!!

Persembahan yang konsisten dan vokal mantap yang dilontarkan setiap minggu adalah tiket kepada Stracie Angie Anam menjadi Juara Akademi Fantasia musim ke 6 tahun ini. Bak kata para juri, Stacy tidak pernah mengecewakan mereka dalam persembahan yang diberikan. Saya, sebagai peminat AF, sangat2 bersetuju dengan pendapat tersebut. Saya rasa Stacy adalah satu2nya pelajar yang saya nanti2kan persembahan beliau setiap minggu. Beliau menerima apa sahaja tugasan lagu dengan tenang dan berusaha tanpa rungutan. Sesungguhnya saya kagum dengan pelajar18 tahun ini, yang nyata paling matang dalam menjayakan persembahan beliau.
Itulah juara yang sebenar!!


Tagline: "Terlebih Sudah!!"

Nama Penuh : Stracie Angie Anam
Umur : 18 tahun
Asal : Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Lagu Konsert Final
"Atas Nama Cinta" - Rossa

"Aku Stacy"
Lidah ku kelu tak mampu ku berkata
Semangat ku hilang entah kemana
Dari pagi sehinggalah malam pun menjelma
Tetap begitu saja
Macam – Macam cara tuk’ku lepaskan diri
Daripada ku terus disakiti
Engkau yang belagak bagai raja di istana
Jadikan ku sang abdi

Mau saja…Aku melepaskan diri dan terus berlari
Ikut saja…kata hatiku yang giat meracuni
Boleh saja …ku turutkan kata hati yang ingin mencuba
Gagal lagi…kamar ku sedia terkunci

Difikir – fakir mengapa harus takut

Sedang asalnya ku yang berkuasa
Biarpun ku siti lela bukan Cinderella
Beda hanyalah nama
Engkau Sekadar datang menumpang saja
Dari mula ku tahu kau pendusta
Ingin berebut segala apa yang ada
Malangnya ku penghalang

Aku tau…dari niatmu itu engkau punya cemburu
Dari dulu…Sehingga kini kau pun hidup tak menentu
Tak kau tahu…segala apa yang ada semuanya milikku
Sudah kau tau…apa lagi yang kau tunggu

Zaman sekarang ramai yang bermuka dua

Hidup dengan penuh kepuraan
Selagi kita tetap terus begini saja
Sampai mati diri mu kan tetap terus dikeji

Lagu : Intan Norul Azlina (Intan Shaharuddin)
Lirik : Intan Norul Azlina (Intan Shaharuddin)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

David Cook IS the American Idol !!!

The One and Only - David Cook

Yessssssss... OMG! OMG! OMG!...

Finally the waiting is over... David Cook was announced as the winner of the American Idol Season 7 in the show's finale few hours back. Legaaa.... aku ngan ofismate aku, Hanis berdebar2 tunggu result as we constantly surfed the Net to search the result. I even asked her to SMS me the result as i headed to a meeting at 10am.

David 'Besar' and David 'Kecik'

Balik around 11am, straight away aku checked. Thanks to Wikipedia, i finally got the good news. At first, we thought Archuleta will win as he received better comments from the judges for his three performances. Dah redha dah actually if Archuleta won... but destiny had determined that David Cook is the winner!! Hahaha...



Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Entourage IV: Epi 48 - The Weho Ho

Vince has finally landed some work with 'Lost in the Clouds,' but E threatens to derail the "package deal" when he calls Ari to boot Walsh off the pic. Ari tricks E into meeting the director at his office to make nice – which actually happens when Walsh apologizes for blaming the 'Medellin' trailer's leak on E. As it turns out, his editor's betrayed girlfriend uploaded the video to exact revenge. E and Walsh shake hands, but Ari finds himself mired in another sour relationship when Lloyd's breakup with his boyfriend, Tom, leaves the assistant too heartbroken to work. With bungled schedules and general chaos shrouding the desk outside his office, Ari takes the logical approach: He visits Tom at work to mend the breach. Tom says Lloyd cheated on him, but Ari covers his assistant's tracks by swearing they'd been together on the night in question. Tom buys it, but when Ari calls Lloyd to deliver the good news, he includes a warning: "I love liars, but I hate cheaters."

Drama and Turtle have concocted a scam of their own, buying into a shady investment with Turtle's cousin Ronnie, whose father's obsession with Sandy Koufax has unearthed some lucrative info. Apparently, Koufax hasn't left his house in weeks, meaning the game jersey Turtle, Drama and Ronnie intend to buy at auction will skyrocket in value after his imminent death. Ronnie backs out at the last minute, unwilling to profit on the demise of his father's hero, so Drama picks up his end of the $62k tab. As Drama collects the goods, the auctioneer informs him that Koufax couldn't appear to sign the uniform because his schnauzer, which had been sick for weeks, just died. But Koufax, thank God, is "healthy as a clam."

While meeting with Dana Gordon about 'Lost in the Clouds,' E realizes – thanks to Walsh's argumentative tactics – that life is too short to deal with the director throughout another shoot. Later, he tells Vince and Ari he'll take to the sideline this time around, but he also warns Vince off the film. Considering his manager's advice, Vince decides to go ahead with the project. "There we go," Ari says. "I'll have a $2 million advance check cut today. How horrible."

Entourage IV: Epi 47 - The Dream Team

Drama brings the crew to Barney's to scrape a few years off his look. While he preens in a leather jacket, Vince and E run into Snoop Dogg on their way to the store's restaurant. The rapper compliments them on the 'Medellin' trailer, which he saw leaked on YouTube that morning. Vince and E take the news in stride, but when they meet Walsh at the restaurant, he freaks and blames E for the disclosure. The argument escalates to vulgar insults and ends in a table-scattering scuffle. While E grapples with his director, Drama sees a customer wearing a "California Homegrown" hat that he must have. His quest leads him to a medical marijuana facility, but he's barred from entering without a prescription card. Naturally, Turtle knows a guy and hooks Drama up with a doctor to remedy his "anxiety disorder." Leveraging his diagnosis to buy the hat – and the maximum pot dosage allowed by law – Drama heads to the 'Five Towns'set. But, his cast mates are less impressed with his polished image than the dank he scored, leading to a real re-visitation of his youth, ripping bong loads in his trailer.

Fistfights notwithstanding, the 'Medellin' leak turns out to be a blessing: Ari's office has been flooded with calls looking to cash in on Vince's sudden marketability. But, the agent promises Vince he'll convince Dana Gordon, who's back on top after Ari got her fired from Warner Bros., to attach Vince to a mountain-hiking story called 'Lost in the Clouds.' Also, Elvis Mitchell from Interview magazine is in town to meet Vince, E and Walsh about the genius behind 'Medellin.' The trio makes it through the meeting without a meltdown, but afterward, a shirtless Walsh (complete with a monstrous 'Medellin' tattoo on his back) chases E's Aston-Martin down the street. Swearing he'll never speak to the director again after the release of 'Medellin,' E takes a call from Ari who's sold Dana on his dream team: "Who wants to climb Mount Annapurna," he asks. "Vinny stars, E produces, Walsh directs. Boom."

Entourage IV: Epi 46 - Sorry, Harvey

Trapped between a trip to Cannes and volatile studio head Harvey Weingard, E can't even enjoy some pampering at The Shave without Ari calling to jump on his back: "You sold a movie you weren't in a position to sell." E assures Ari he'll sever the deal with Harvey. Hanging up, Ari meets M. Night Shyamalan in person to pick up his latest screenplay, which the paranoid filmmaker expects him to read that night. At Drama's condo, the elder Chase has hatched a plan to schmooze the mayor of Beverly Hills into annexing his condo into 90210 territory – but he needs Vince to lend some star wattage to his carousing with the mayor, who hopes a touch of celebrity will raise his odds with the ladies. Meeting Harvey for dinner, E starts to see his own odds – for survival – slipping through the cracks as the exec berates the waiter and contemplates fighting a nearby guest.

Restaurants aren't treating Ari well either. When a Morton's valet accidentally gives his car – along with the Shyamalan script – to a stranger, Ari tracks down his ride using GPS. A 140 mph speeding ticket lands him in jail on the way home, but at least he has plenty of time to read. Out for drinks at Winston's, Drama manages to hook the mayor up with a hottie without Vince's aid but receives bad news when the bouncer says she's a tranny. The good news? The mayor doesn't care. With Drama's zip code all but updated, he shifts his attention to the awkward ballet unfolding around Harvey, who's come along with E to "celebrate the sale." Neither Vince nor E has the cojones to break off the deal, especially when Harvey works himself into a lather over a botched drink order. As the bouncer drags him out of the bar, Drama – elated in his victory – steps in to do the deed: "You can't buy the movie. Sorry bro."

The next day Ari, haggard but prepared, meets Shyamalan in his office only to find the filmmaker has rewritten the script. "Here, read it," he tells Ari. "I'll wait." It seems Drama has wasted the previous evening as well when Turtle shows him the latest gossip online: a video of the mayor escorting his "lady" to the car, which ends in a Britney-esque crotch shot – and two nasty surprises. "Don't know how much longer he'll be mayor," Turtles remarks.

Entourage IV: Epi 45 - Malibooty

In a major role-reversal, Vince and the guys are crashing at Drama's place. While Turtle tries to identify the senior Chase's whacked-out health food - "What's a psyllium husk, anyway?" - the man of the house returns, offering bagels and good news. Donna Devaney, an L.A. party girl from Drama's surprisingly lengthy past, has finally agreed to hook up with him. Plus, she has a hot friend for Turtle. Vince and E aren't sitting so pretty with the Medellin cut, so E tries giving Walsh some notes to spruce up the film. Predictably militant about protecting his vision, Walsh won't cooperate, and making things worse, has already sent a print to the Cannes Film Festival. E runs to Ari for a solution and settles on the option to ditch Walsh by selling the movie to Harvey Weingard.

Vince rolls with his brother and Turtle, promising not to steal their thunder, and they couldn't be more thrilled when he hops out at a stop light to join a random hottie in a convertible. She takes him to the home of her "family friend" to go swimming, which turns out to be Dennis Hopper's beach house. Hopper and his buddies tempt Vince into placing a $100,000 bet - that he can't cover - on a soccer game. The future holds less uncertainty for Drama and Turtle; their cougars are ready to pounce. Too bad for Turtle, Donna's "hot" friend Marjorie is twice his age, not to mention twice his size. But, in a typical turn of Drama's luck, Donna decides at the last minute to opt for Turtle, leaving Drama manhandled by Marjorie in the hot tub. Vince's soccer win comes through, infusing him with some much-needed cash, but he and E still differ on the direction they want to take 'Medellin.' When E says Harvey made an offer of $25 million, Vince throws him for another loop: Cannes accepted the film. "Maybe you should watch it again," Vince tells him.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Entourage IV: Epi 44 - The First Cut is the Deepest

Vince and company return to L.A. after an Italian vacation that wiped out the last of their funds. Drama volunteers his new condo for his baby bro's "welcome home" party, which Turtle slowly escalates from intimate gathering to all-out rager. While Drama scrambles to party-proof his pad, hiding furniture and padlocking the bathroom, Vince and E meet with Ari to decide which job to take next. Ari delivers the bad news that the industry has placed Vince on death watch; no one will sign him before seeing 'Medellin' in case the film bombs a la 'Gigli.' But Ari's problems extend beyond business; some sort of hitch has threatened his son's admission into the Briar Country Day School, which his daughter already attends. After charming, threatening and bribing his way to an answer from the headmaster, Ari finds out his cell phones and swearing have driven the school over the edge, and blackballing the son is the only way to expel the father. Ari yanks his daughter from class on his way out.

Vince and E try to speed up the 'Medellin' release with a visit to Walsh - who's wearing the only cut around his neck - but the director tears off on a motorcycle to avoid showing them the film. After a day spent hunting for him, E calls from Vince's party and shames Walsh into screening the movie. As soon as Vince and E leave the condo, Drama ejects the entire crowd, which resettles in Vince's hotel room, a venue Drama couldn't care less about destroying. Walsh sweats out the screening by performing calisthenics in the hallway, but after the flick Vince and E congratulate him on a job well done. On the way home, E asks Vince, "You didn't really like it, did you?" Vince says he thought it was great, but E tells him, "I thought it sucked." A call from Turtle interrupts the conversation. Anthony Michael Hall has urinated off of Vince's balcony, and the hotel management didn't exactly appreciate it. Adding "homeless" to their list of "broke" and "unemployed," Vince and E head to Drama's condo to sleep it off.

E: "Sloan and I are having a break"... (yeah, right.. hahaha..)

Entourage IV: Epi 43 - Welcome to the Jungle

At long last, Vince and his comrades have arrived in Colombia to shoot 'Medellin.' A documentary crew captures the action, most of which occurs behind the scenes as Walsh steadily unravels. When Walsh demands 1,000 extra soldiers, assaults the director of photography, and confesses that he doesn't have an ending for the script, rookie producer E rushes to hold things together.

In a rare moment of vulnerability, Walsh confesses, "Too many sets, too many extras, too many explosions. I'm melting down." E reassures him, going so far as to hire an Academy Award winner remove the pressure or writing the ending. But, before the writer arrives - and after E pays him 275k - Walsh rewrites the entire script, complete with the finale his masterpiece deserves. As explosions on Pablo Escobar's compound punctuate the last day of shooting, the narrator asks Walsh whether he thinks he made a good film, and the director replies, "Till I see the final cut, I have no idea. But you know what, neither does anybody else."

Yes, Entourage dah start balik... eventhough season lepas aku ada terlepas episodes, that doesn't mean i'm going to miss one this season. Check out Eric Murphy a.k.a 'E' / Kevin Connolly, my fav character/actor! What i'm excited about is that i can actually see a little bit how movies are made, one thing i thought as one of my Wish List, i supposed. Hahaha...

HBO: Entourage Season IV

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