Monday, March 03, 2008

Movie: Jumper

What if the ordinary life you’ve been living with, is suddenly turned upside down by a ‘gift’? Ordinary is no longer a part of David Rice’s dictionary when he suddenly had this ‘gift’ as a Jumper. A Jumper is a person who teleport themselves to another place in this world.

David’s life drastically changed when he found himself ‘jumped’ from an iced river to his school library. Unable to explain his mysterious disappearance and was even thought as dead by his school friends except his crush, Millie, one jumped place led to another and David’s been living like a millionaire for 8 years now.

Unknown to him, there is actually a Jumper Killer team called Paladins, lead by Ronald (Samuel L. Jackson – Star Wars, Snake on a Plane) who errr... kill Jumpers. David (Hayden Christensen – Star Wars, Life as A House) met another survivor Jumper senior named Griffin (Jamie Bell – King Kong, Billy Elliot) who in the end helped him to save them and the love of his life, Millie (Rachel Bilson – The OC) from being killed by Paladins.

The hottie...

Toby: Went with few JU frenz yesterday to watch this movie. Our seats were 4th row from the front. Anyway, thanks K. Liza!! And oh, I thought Hayden Christensen is one HOT actor. Just found out from the Net today that he and Rachel Bilson is actually off-screen couple as well. Wallaa.. Few disappointment of the movie were Samuel’s bleached hair – no so him at all. Hilang macho, babe.. haha… and I would love Diane Lane’s character (as David’s mother) to be more involved in the story. Sekejap nor… Anyway, there were rumors that Eminem are casted in this movie but eventually he wasn’t. Eminem as the lead cast? Naahh… Griffin maybe. Watch this guys!! Girls, time to drooolll... ahahaha...


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