Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Marsya & Ahnaf!!

It's my niece and nephew's birthday this Feb. Marsha was on the 10th and she's 10 that day. I have yet to give her a birthday present yet. Aiyaa.. dunno lah what to buy her coz her parents has everything in the world that can give her... I asked Kak Lyn the other day, what Marsya might want. Hmmm.. A book? Yeah, i might give her an incredible book (dunno where to find lahh...) since we all have seen her being creative with her drawing books before.

Ahnaf's birthday will be tomorrow and he'll be 8. Aiyahh.. another gift lorrr... really dunno what to give these kids nowadays. I might bring them to the Toys R' Us one day, maybe after gaji day.. ahahahah...

Anyway, last week, we had a party for both of them at Kak Lyn's house. Bought some Angel cakes (yummy..) and some party packs for all the kids who came. Even 'auntie Julie' came and hosted Charade games. She was indeed cool in person. Heheehee.. so funny when seeing the kids being funny and smart.

Anyway, more birthdays to celebrate next month, so... better be prepared lahh.. with the gift, of course...

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