Sunday, February 03, 2008

AJL22: 'Estranged' estranged?

tr.v. es·tranged, es·trang·ing, es·trang·es
1. To make hostile, unsympathetic, or indifferent; alienate.
2. To remove from an accustomed place or set of associations.

es·trang'er n.
Synonyms: estrange, alienate, disaffect
These verbs refer to disruption of a bond of love, friendship, or loyalty.
Estrange and alienate are often used with reference to two persons whose harmonious relationship has been replaced by hostility or indifference: Political disagreements led to quarrels that finally estranged the two friends. His persistent antagonism alienated his wife.
Disaffect usually implies discontent, ill will, and disloyalty within the membership of a group: Colonists were disaffected by the royal governor's actions.

Few friends' comments on Estranged big win during 22nd Juara Lagu last Sunday had made Estranged estranged or alienated from the title they got that night. Most of them still thought that this prestige award is for a recognition for singers, not the songs. So, few comments like 'Aku tak puas hati la Estranged menang...', 'Estranged tak layak menang' and 'patut Siti yang menang...' were still heard even a week after.

Yess... aramaiteyyy...

Best 'Pop Rock' song & Juara Lagu: Itu Kamu by Estranged
As for me, I went on '7th heaven' when they announced that 'Itu Kamu' won. And to make that night a perfect night was when it was sung by the composer themselves, Estranged. Bravo Estranged! Bravo Richael Lawrence Gimbang, for the song and the lyrics.... Oh, i tell you, Andy (the drummer) will definitely going big after this when few of my girlfriends or must i say, all the girls in the world started to recognize him ~ Who is that drummer? OMG, the drummer's cute!! Bla bla bla...

Best 'Balada' song: Izinku Pergi by Sahri
I love this song. Wished Kaer was there to sing it. Sure mamat tu makin glamer kat Indon now. Hahaha...

Best 'Etnik Kreatif' song: Samudera by Nora
Emm.. this song is sung better than the other 2, but i would never see it becoming the Juara Lagu. Definitely not. Still, it's a good song, really.

Best Vocals: Jaclyn Victor & Lah V.E
Love their song, love their collaboration. Bob for second place, ya. Wonderful Bob!

Best Performance: Mawi
It was cute for Mawi to bring that little girl in his performance. I love Siti's performance too. Different, i think.

Best tak nari ngan abang Mawi?

Fiq: Good try Fiq! Like ur style of singing 'Mahakarya Cinta'

Aishah: It's like watching a pre-school performance, plus that great vocal, of course.

Fazli Zainal: I love the song! It's definitely berhantu! But it's too red lah, Fazli.. heehee...

Ramlah Ram: No comment.

Jinbara: I liked their performance. Tak sangka btol they really made it.

Sofaz: Still doesn't know what it meant to be in Juara Lagu, i think.

Misha & Andy: Wish they can perform as good as their song.

Saw few cool celebs - Aaron Aziz (OMG! He's so gorgeous!), Hady Mirza (anybody got his pix with Fazura, perhaps?), Imran Ajmain, Rosma & Khai (prektis pakai baju kawen kot.. haahaha..), Velvet, and Maya Karin, who was reportedly close to Aaron that night. Yeah, yeah, they just frenz lahh...

Kalu camni, close tak, Maya?

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