Monday, January 14, 2008

Toby Moments: Part 2

Last Saturday, i went to a Masquerade Party hosted by my company Division. I told Sherry to book a seat for me as i was in the prayer's room at the time the door to the party was opened.

As i entered... wallaa... banyaknye mejaaa... I 'sms'ed Sherry..

+toby: which table is our table?

+sherry: 55

Arghh.. i hated searching for it coz ramai giler...

As i approached the table... I saw that i either have to seat beside my new boss, Kareena, (who put all her stuff at the seat beside her) or beside this quiet but 'playboy' colleague, Remy.

toby: (Shittt... why la Sherry tak save seat aku kat sebelah dia... duhhh...)

Nak tak nak, i had to seat beside Remy as i couldn't ask my boss to move her things. So...

toby: (showed my fake smile) Hi! Ada orang duduk sini?

remy: (geleng kepala) takde... (senyum fake jugak)

toby: Sorang je? (bodoh.. soalan apa ni... sahh aku nevesss..)

remy: (gelak... ) a'aa.. sorang...

toby: (tried to start conversation with the rest of the people at the table and tried very hard to ignore Remy who kept on his mask, looking macho...)

After a while, suddenly out of no where...

remy: (leaned a little bit towards me and some kind of starting a secretive conversation) So... kat Call Centre (my former workplace), ada yang single tak?

toby: (almost choked coz i was drinking my fruit punch) Huh?

remy: kan ramai awek kat sana... (gelak..)

toby: (oit.. aku dah 2 bulan tak pegi sana laa.. camna la aku nak tau ada awek cun yg single ke tak..)

gary: (tiba2 menyampuk) got a lot also here.. (referring to all the sexy girls at other tables around us)

toby: (gave out a fake smile again while stared at his cute eyes...) to narrow down the list, u nak yang bertudung ke atau yg tak bertudung?

remy: ahahahah... (gelak nevess...)

toby: yang bertudung memang ramai... yang tak tu, boleh dikira la...

gary: bla bla bla... (saying something which stopped our conversation)

toby: (isy.. sebok je orang tua ni...)

remy: (just smile while looking guilty towards me as he too, wanted to prolonged the conversation)

And it just kind of stop right there... as others are laughing to other's jokes...

Aaaanddd... the 'beer' came...

The waitress unashamedly put a glass of beer in front of Remy. I stared hard at the glass... not at Remy. I knew then right that moment that he drinks.

And it was a MAJOR turn-off, no matter how cute his eye is.


remy: (turned suddenly to me) Back to our discussion... (sengihh..)

toby: (enoughh, playboy!!!) Yesss?

sherry: hey! (pointing at the big screen in front).. they are showing the numbers who got the lucky draws!!

So, everybody was looking at the numbers shown and compared it with the numbers on their invitation card.

Again, from the corner of my eyes, i knew Remy felt guilty again... but i just ignored him for the rest of the day. Maybe i was disturbed by the fact that he drinks. Or.. maybe with the fact that he is suddenly out of my 'list'. (Oh, dun worry... he's my last hope anyway, there's no other list, i promise...)

Oh, have i told you that he gentlemanly put the food on my plate, twice?

remy: (turned towards me as if i was his girlfriend) you nak this rice (already reached the rice with the spoon)?

toby: yup, thanks... (failed to stop him and tried not to look at him..)

Remy put a spoon full of rice onto my rice bowl as we were starting to eat part of the Chinese meals. Then again...

remy: you nak sayur? (almost the same exact question.. already he wanted to pick up the salad)

toby: (geleng..) no thanks... (i wasn't in the mood of eating vegetables that nite, really...)

However, later that nite, our boss revealed that he actually already has a girlfriend, which he almost denied it, of course...

remy: (kept saying while he laughs guiltily) aiseh... aiseh... (meaning: pecah tembelang aku....)

Starting that point until end of the dinner, we didn't talk with each other. Until today, as he totally ignored me the rest of the day.

*All names are not real..


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