Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008: New Year & New Happiness

Isn't that what life is all about? To seek for lifetime happiness? Well, to some of us, maybe. And some of you might have different way of life where you seek for other things, which might, well, make you happy. Hahaha...

Thanks to my frenz who 'sms'ed me to wish Happy New Year. Some messages are just a duplicate from others who sms'ed to them just seconds before, and i had tears in my eyes when i read one particular message. The words maybe, but like i said, this person might just forwarded it.

A lot of great memories and experiences i'd like to cherish and review as they made me learn so much about things. What made them so special was the great people i was with and whom i met to feel the experience.

* Malam Gala Kuntilanak at KLCC. Thanks to Budiey for the invitation.
* Anugerah Juara Lagu 2006 - Went with a group of friends coz our Princess, Marsha and her Prince, Mawi (oopss) were there. Thanks to Panji and his friend as we got great seats! Heheh...


* My blog's 1st Birthday. Am thinking to have a party for this year's birthday. Hmmm..

* Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian in Genting Highlands. Went with Braggs, Yatie & Zahar coz our Princess, Marsha & her Prince, Mawi (oopss!) were there. Met Budiey there. Great moments as we gotta see Marsha's reaction when Mawi won. Syyyhh.. hahaha... Met Mawi, Felix and frenz at 3 a.m after the show. Tired, but we were satisfied.
* Futsal at Ampang Sports Planet where Mawi & Akma were there.

* Akma's Birthday Bash at Red Box Ria at Sogo. Akma sang to us her new single, Tetap Menanti. Great single, indeed. Met Sham Kamikaze there, whom i have always admired for his great talent in music. Thanks to Pak Lah and family for their great hospitality, Kak Sari and Akmafc for the invitation, and to Jiwang United hardcores, who till this day are still strong supporting Akma and Felix. Went to M2MFrenz small gathering afterwards (at the same venue) where we were joined by Cheese from Japan and Babybling from Brunei! Cayalah!!
* Sunday Nite Live with Hazami at Planet Hollywood. Met the great Hazami, talented guy whom i've been wanting to watch his performance and listen to his great vocals live. It was like a dream came true. Thanks Budiey!

*Gempak Selebriti Astro in Putrajaya. Met Akma & Marsha there as they performed. Thanks Kak Na for the tour guide.. hehehe...

*Zoom In Bersama Bob AF2. Dah lama gak tak tengok this talented guy performed. No doubt he still has this great vocals yg lemak dan lunak. Kaer & Amylea were there too supporting him. Met Budiey's friends - Pakcik MMA & his sweet girlfriend. There were all so friendly and i am glad i met them that day.


* Started a new M&M fiction dialogue titled: Hatimu Yang Terpilih. Till this day, it has not finished due to uncertain circumstances which obviously based on the ups and downs of Mawi & Marsha 'so-called' friendship.


* Sunday Nite Live with Ferhad at Planet Hollywood. Warghh.. another talented AND sexy guy who obviously knows how to serenade not only one girl, but the whole Planet Hollywood's crowd. Thanks again Budiey!


* Fafau FC Bowling Tournament.

* Emil Emilda the Drama started showing in TV. First time Amani berlakon TV and first time also that i watched this great looking guy - Aaron Aziz on TV. At last! A fresh face on TV. Fell in love for the first time too for Jac's vocal for her new song - Cinta Tiada Akhirnya and Imran Ajmian's Seribu Tahun. Beautiful love songs ever!! Got the chance to visit the drama location where it was shot. At the LOFT near KL Sentral. Thanks to Suraya for the opportunity.
*Special Screening of DIVA the movie at KLCC. Despite bad review from the media, i went there only because i wanted to see Ning's acting.


* My favourite TV Series - Gol & Gincu 2nd season started. Yeay!

* My childhood fren's wedding - Faridah Hanom.


* Sunday Nite Live with Marcell - O-M-G!!! That's all i need to say about this guy. O-M-G!

* Mila & Frenz at Planet Hollywood. Marsha was there supporting for Mila. TQ Jaan for the ticket. Mila & Ebi sang their second duet song - Ada Cinta for the first time. WALLA...


* Jaclyn Victor's Gemilang Nite at Planet Hollywood. She was a humble diva of her own. Wow! to her superb vocals and funny jokes.

* Anuar Zain's new album was released. Great love songs. All of them.

* Buka Puasa Marathon - hahahah...

* Kerana Karina - First On-Line Drama in Malaysia shown at http://www.gua.com.my. Marsha as the lead actress, Karina. Bravo!


* My little Diva, An-Nursofea Damia was born.
* Resigned from my 7-years job. Finally! Started in CIMB the following week.


* Underneath Pokok Kelapak Bowling Tournament. Me as one of the committee. And i got to play with the great Abang Bad, the great Joe Lee and Diddy. Surprised Marsha with 2 birthday parties. What a special day, indeed.
As you can see, I did not make many postings at the end of the year. Why? Coz i felt my postings would be incomplete without pictures. And why didn't i take friend's pix? Well, you see, i love taking pictures. And i would really like posting pictures which i took myself. And i will definitely own a camera any time soon (borrowed my sist's camera for previous pix taken), maybe after bonus... hahahah...

My little Diva, Sofea..


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