Sunday, September 09, 2007

Jaclyn Victor's Gemilang Nite at Planet Hollywood

Seriously I was not a fan of Jaclyn Victor. But last Saturday, I finally agreed that Jac is one true Malaysian Ikon!!

Of all the songs she sang that nite, i'm eager to review on 2 great Jac's performances.

Cinta Tiada Akhirnya
Jac mentioned that this song was one of the most difficult songs that she ever recorded. But just see how that song turned out to be!! I felt that it was the best love song ever this year!!! Of course, it was one of the original soundtrack for the great love story - Emil Emilda the drama.

The Prayer feat. Vince
I've heard few versions of The Prayer. One of it was from Josh Groban and Diana 'sumthing' from Josh's recorded performances in USA... I was quite nervous when Vince started singing... but few seconds gone and eventhough Vince was tired with his Theatre performance, i want to say that Vince really deserved to be the First Winner of Akademi Fantasia!!! I've never heard his voice soooo wonderful and i really really really regretted that i didn't record this. I wished somebody did... and of course, JAC was superb too!! *sigh*

Other songs included:-

Inilah Masanya, Di Bawah Pohon Asmara, Tiada Lagi Indah, Ceritera Cinta, Cepat Cepat, One Night Only, Youre the Musical in Me (feat. Vince), Layu Sebelum Berkembang, Satu Harapan, and Gemilang.

I left the place with 1 statement - JAC is truely a great singer, performer, entertainer, (the list continues...) !!!



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