Saturday, January 04, 2014

Happy New Year ~ 2014

Happy new year to all!! Dangit! It's another new year and it's gonna be another new age. Heh, in two years' time, i'll be 40. Wow! I am that old ya.

Anyway, let me update a lil bit about my life.

1. My brother's getting married next month. Fucking finally!! My future SIL is a very pretty, 25th year old sweet girl. Way to go, brother! I'm so happy for ya.

2. I am in a relationship right now, i guess. What i'm not sure is that whether are we exclusive or not. Well, he just said, "kita kawan macam dulu". As far as i know, we weren't exclusive last time. Well, we kinda 'broke up' as he seemed to have befriended another girl. I didn't want things to be complicated so i decided not to contact him. I was done with him back then, eventhough he keeps texting me once in a few months.  We started to contact each other last December when i found out from his friend that he is still not married yet and he 'broke up' with the other girl. Anyway, i am done feeling lonely and being single, so i decided to give us another chance, though it is difficult this time coz we both still have our responsibilities to our own family. My parents and sister kind of depending on me on certain family thing. I'm ok with that as long as they need to keep in mind that i want to live my own life too.

3. I am a fan of Juan Mata and Chelsea FC right now. From the last Chelsea game with Southampton, Mata seemed frustrated when he was replaced by Oscar at 53rd minute. Many thought (even me) that he was frustrated because he was replaced, but after i read an article about Juan Mata, i totally agree with what the article said. Here's the link: The Curious Case of Juan Mata. I hope he'll stay in Chelsea as i have become a fan of not only him, but all of the Chelsea players right now. Thanks to Roxy as she was the one who introduced me to this awesome football team.

That's it for now, folks!

Saturday, July 06, 2013

The Vow - A View on Relationships from a Single Lady Point-of-View

Ha. Looking at the title above, i don't meant it to be so formal.

You know why? Coz i have never been in a real relationship. I mean, i never have a boyfriend all my life. No, i am definitely not a lesbian. It's just that i have never found a guy so worth of a relationship.

I watched 'The Vow' earlier and i admitted that i cried a lil bit. That was when Leo had to leave his wife, Paige. Coz Paige doesn't remember him as her husband after an accident. That was so sad, right? I feel for Leo. I mean, if you are in a good relationship, and then suddenly you had to leave that relationship, it is sad, isn't it?

When i mentioned that i feel for Leo, it doesn't mean i've been in the same relationship before. I had been in love once before. But that love was unrequited one. And that IT guy is happily married now. So what i'm saying is that being in love is the one thing i crave right now. You know you're in love when it is blessed and feel right, at the right time and place.

What i don't get is that when married guys nowadays tend to flirt with other women when they obviously already have their own better-looking betterhalf or spouse to flirt with. Are they not satisfied with what they have now? I might want to think that they are not wholeheartedly in love with their wives. Are they?

Like i said, i was wholeheartedly in love once. And i was satisfied with that feeling. Eventhough i did not end up with that guy.

I just want to feel it again. Is that too much to ask?


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

David Cook - as interviewed by 98.7fm SG

Just had to post this... awesome interview... :)

David Cook private interview at Ion Sky (Singapore) for

Holy shit. David's in Singapore. Right the fuck now. And i can't even go. Fuck my life. YES, I AM SO FUCKING SAD I COULDN'T GO.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Kris Allen - St. Louis, MO - Oct.3,2012



LOVE BOTH SONGS... 'SHOULD I' is kinda.. i dunno.. sexy adorable? huh?

Thursday, October 04, 2012

David Cook 9/8/12 - Counting Crow's A Long December

*sigh* beautifully covered.. he is still the king of cover..

Saturday, September 08, 2012

My Magic 94.9 Presents David Cook 09/07/12




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